I thought the title sounded funny.

So in my free time, rather than working on one of my fifteen billion projects in progress, I made a new program that emulates keystrokes and mouse movement and clicks. It also has multiple methods of pausing, including time-based, cursor-based, key-based, and image-based. Basically, it helps computers fulfill one of their major purposes: speeding up repetitive tasks.


It can even do arrays, if you treat Notepad as an array! Check out the help file, if nothing else. There are some interesting keys you might not know about, ones that you would think are handled by a special multimedia keyboard’s drivers rather than Windows itself.

Feature requests?

…Wait, what does it do?

So it’s basically like Photoshop’s record-a-shortcut feature, only for any program?

Photoshop macros?
I could record macros when I tried to in Windows 2.0.

Indeed, and with more features I’ve needed myself–the specific delays based on images and keystrokes.

(Plus you can emulate keys that aren’t on your keyboard.)

Kinky stuff. I’ll check it out sometime.

i have no idea how to work this thing…

I bet you didn’t even look at the help file or the example file!

Just type a command and its parameter on one line, another command and its parameter on the next, and so forth. All the specifics are in the help file.