Anybody remember me? shit, i forgot this place existed

Nope, don’t remember you. Remember me? xD

Sup. How’ve you been?

I’m way more forgettable.

I remember you.

I remember Metroid Fanatic, and I only joined recently. When I first got here, I looked at all the old posts.

Sounds like time well spent.

Back in the day… when P2D was cool, and we were all lame.

Now we’re all cool, and P2D is lame…

Dude, I’m super lame. Lame-five.


High 6!

I remember your avatar.

Not too bad, college and the works. what have you been up to?

I remember the avatar. But then I’m kind of an ass and don’t give a crap about shit.
Yeah, been watching the wire to much lately.