Holiday P2D Game Night!

If you’re not part of the Steam group yet and would like to be, sign up at .

I’m game for:

Alien Swarm

CS (Assuming we use a non-VAC server, I got banned for MSI Afterburner back before they realized what it was)

HL2DM (non-VAC)


TF2 (non-VAC)

SupCom 2 isn’t on the list, nor free, but if anyone has it…

This. Although if we did L4D I’d prefer the second because I have that one installed.

EDIT: Also, can you re admin me? When I got my account back after being hacked I had lost everything, including being in the group.

Alright, since we probably won’t be getting a vent server (unless one of you has one available), I expect we’ll be using some combination of the group steam chat-rooms and Skype. I intend it to be somewhat casual; I don’t have any planned schedule or anything. We can just get together over the course of the day and play whatever games people want to play.

I’ll be inviting people to one big chat-room via steam friends tomorrow to discuss what we want to do exactly. At least that’s the plan.

Of those I’m game TF2 and either L4D.

Well, due to changes in plans I’m only available before 7pm (EST). Sunday is a possibility for me though.