holy s**t there was a stabbing at my school

k…uhm i recently found out the stabbing was a a guy who didnt go to my school who came to the school and stabbed a girl six times, shes not dead…shes just really not ok…and i don’t live in the u.s. i live in canada.and to those of you who said anything about seeing it on the news. my school is woodroffe highschool

WOAH STOP NOW! if you say anything more( a sport team youre on etc.) someone could hunt you down, its possible.

Um…not really. He only said what school he goes to. That doesnt mean anything. Hey, guess what. I go to sickles high school, florida. Im about 6,2 african, and always wear polos.

Yet, the chances that someone who looked for me could find me are still pretty slim. Besides, people post pictures of themselves all the time on TSR and SCU. There is a risk, but your not really in danger.

And besides, why would he say anything more.

If anyone wanted to kill you you could be dead soon.

okay…seriously. off topic-ness…no im not minimodding. i can’t exactly report people for that anyways.and yea. seriously. i said what high school i go to and that i live in canada. now theres still a shitload of provences, cities, towns ext. and who i am.jesus.and vurtual ruler. shut up(no offence, that was just really random…its like…“If anyone wanted to kill you you could be dead soon.” well good job.

OH I GOT EXCUSED FROM MY HOMEWORK BECAUSE THEY WOULDN’T LET ME UP TO MY LOCKER AFTER THE STABBING :smiley:> :smiley:> :smiley:> :smiley:> :smiley:> :smiley:> :smiley:>

I’m jsut saying it can happen.
Wow… ANOTHER bad thing with another good thing!

Shut up already, Vurt. There’s nothing wrong with being cautious, but you’re just being ridiculous. The only way you could be in danger realistically is if you gave your exact address, city, state, zip code, and probably more than that. You have any idea how many street names/school names/city names are repeated all across the country? Cuz there are a ton.

The sheer odds of anyone who wanted to kill you being able to find you are incredibly low. You’re in far more danger of being randomly murdered by someone in your town by total chance. And if you’re gonna be that paranoid, you better never step outside again.

It is possible for it to happen if someone worked hard enough, just saying it COULD happen, its possible but still not likely.

Not to mention you can be tracked to your very house just by posting here…

MUCH harder to do probably.

stop going off topic in my topic :cry:

(that was sorta off topic :angry: :sweat: )

Infinitely easier, actually. I could easily do it right now if I felt like it and CFX would do it in 1/3 the time.

If I were to try the other way it’d take at least 30-60 minutes of nonstop working really hard.

creepy stalker.

I think he means tracing your IP. The government does that sometimes, and CFX has a reputation for knowing how to do that kinda stuff. So yes, it’s possible, but only if your a mod or admin, or if you hack the mod or admin panel. But other than that, just taking in facts about address and appearance general isnt enough.

why are you talking about tracking down strangers u meet online in a topic about someone being stabbed?

today they searched all of lunch because of a bomb threat (lunch before mine), my friend has 5 days of EC because he had a lighter in his pocket, which sucks, i joked with him about throwing the lighter down, making it explode, and pulling some magician trick, he seemed pretty cool about the whole thing. sad that there have been so many bomb threats, meh, least there hasn’t been a real bomb.

also, to any killers out there, i live on 1234 fake street…

really? me too, i live in the fake house with fake windows, doors, walls, mailbox, ext.

ive never heard of any bomb threats at schools tho.

Good point Daz, its no laughing matter when someone dies its wrong. Dang its like you want someone in your family or one of your freinds died then will you laugh.
I had a freind that died in a car crash, and another who died in a burning building, I still wish that they where alive today but there not.

anyways to the people who said they start fights…i can see your future. ypur gonna be one of those annoying gangster kids who are all like “oh you think your big?” and you win like half the fights you get into…not to mention everyone hates you and you friends

ok…heard it on the news…someone 12 or 13 got stabbed…ya.