Holy shit, Mass Effect 3

The midnight release is in 19 minutes as I’m writing this. This is even more exciting than the Skyrim launch.

Well, due to EA’s general douche-baggery, this will be the first game in almost 7 years that I will not be buying, but still playing.

I’ve gotta say… the worst ending is… terrible. :frowning:

yanno what i like?

not EA

yanno whats good anout EA?

pirating all their shit, cuz fuck them

What did EA do?

Supported SOPA and PIPA for a start, created Origin, dumped Steam, and ruined Bioware.

and thats why they suck ass
dirty, sweaty, unwiped ass

I just want to say that I called so much about the ending that it isn’t even funny.



That is all.

AI has been generally stellar and brutal as hell on my playthroughs, though the rest… not so much.


Get Mass Effect 3
Play Game
See Monitor w/tips Loading Screen

Pretty much my thoughts on ME3. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wait for the ending…

It’s not the worst I’ve ever seen (Mafia II), but they could have done so much more, and quite easily.

I stopped caring about the ending controversy once the petition happened. I’ve never seen people act more like spoiled children over five minutes that really weren’t that bad (at least not the villainous betrayal people make it out to be).

Honestly, as it stands, yes, it is terrible.

There’s simply no way that Bioware should have written this entire trilogy in such an engaging and emotional fashion and then decided to punt on the ending. It’s disconnected, provides no closure, and leaves only questions, no answers. Despite telling us for three games that our choices matter, the ending is a lore breaking, out of character, and ‘push button receive ending’ style affair. Nothing the player does mattered in the end. The events don’t make any sense, and the reapers entire motivation is nonsensical.

Bioware basically killed their franchise in the last 15 minutes of their finale.

Everyone agrees the ending was shit. Luckily they’re working to fix that, which appeases me somewhat.

Interesting find explaining ending:

Problem is, the ending sucked because Casey Hudson went solo on the ending, and didn’t let the other writers look at it… and he’s writing the extended ending too.

That’s an unfortunate turn of events.