Homebrew Channel

I was wondering how many people have hacked their wii lately. The Homebrew Channel is amazing! It let’s you play wii game isos, it can play almost every music and video format out there and even dvd’s! You can emulate nes,snes,n64,gb,gba,sega genesis/master system,playstation,atari series, and a shitload of other things! the best part is that you don’t need any modifications to your wii, it comes as a channel that you can access on the wii operating system. oh yeah, it also has multiplayer support for any emulator and you can plug in any wii compatible controller (wii remote, nunchuck,classic controller,gamecube controller, wii fit board(i kid you not)) my favorite part is that i can play all those classic games that i missed out on, and with the classic controller i have, it truly feels just like those old consoles! so how about it? have anything to share?

Hombrew channel is amazing.

Best thing invented.

<<<Is confused.
Don’t you have to have an older version of the firmware to get it working?
If that’s the case, I don’t know how to revert…
If I remember right, installing it took advantage of a glitch in the Twilight Princess save system that got patched out.

as if dedicated hackers(?) will never find a way around hotfixes.
i’ve yet to try this, my wii is collecting dust and i have to reset my damn AC adapter every time i want to start it.