i was wondering if any of you had homecoming dances? i dont know if its only in some states, or areas, or countries… just wondering.

I already had mine. Couple weeks ago. Best night ever…almost. I swear, people in florida have no morals compared to texas. It really was just like you’re in the club, except with people from your school.


First time I ever went to a dance with a girl. It was awesome. :smiley:

nice. yeah its like that here, totally like a club. this dance was relatively more behaved, but everyone was still freakdancing. the staff were mad cause this dance was supposed to be more formal. lol.

it was a lot of fun. i didnt go with a girl, but ended up with one. :] dances are always fun at my school.

Lol. Back in Texas, the kinda dancing that was going on would get everyone kicked out of school. But florida is just…more laid back. One of my Senior friends hooked me up with 2 girls to dance with. There was some serious grinding action…let’s leave it there. There were probably about 5 teachers in the whole place, none of which were monitering the dancing. Some dudes had their shirts unbuttoned all the way down, but were still wearing ties. I myself kept my suit on, to stay spiffy, but had to unbutton down some. It’s amazing how hot and sweaty and nasty it is, and it’s even more amazing that it turns everyone on.

Cant wait till next year.

… I’m still laughing at how they could have a formal homecoming dance. But then again, maybe not everyone has theirs right after the football game, but that makes it a bit hard for it to be formal.

But yeah, homecoming dance is rated as the second best night out of the last month for me, for a couple of reasons.