I saw that this topic didn’t exist yet, but I figured I like giving out my mediocre advice to nubbins, and they probably aren’t asking for help cause the option doesn’t exist.


If you’re not into the whole cheating thing, then feel free to post things you’ve done for school just for us to ponder at them and maybe drool in awe at your 1337 skills.

In short, let’s have some school-related shizzle going on.

i dont go to school =3

Urr, school?
I’ve just had a 3 hour long exam, of which 1 hour was used up completing the paper, can you help me recuperate, P2D squad?

I don’t go to school either, but I just applied for college.
Woo. Maybe I’ll post my application so you guys can pick it apart and then I’ll get nervous that there’s no way in hell I’m getting in. >_>

paper on Roman Architecture?

note there is no pictures so some things may not make a lot of sense…


Your paper is full of adequateness but unfortunately it befalls the same fate that many research papers suffer from, which is an extreme excess of tedium. Other than that its probably fine. I was just thinking WALL OF TEXT when I was looking at it, but hey, online rules are slightly different.

What I would love is for someone to draw me a sine/cosine/tangent graph. Those are always fun. Here’s six. π=Pi

y = tan x/3

y = 1/4 cot(x - π/2)

y = 2 sec (2x - π)

y = -csc (4x - π)

y = 2 cos(x + π)

y = sin(x - π/4)

I know they’re easy, but still, I’m curious to see how many people on this site are actually capable of solving this simple problems.

(P.S. Losing is for losers. Quitting is for quitters. Sucking is for lollipops.)

Nostril Kitty, graphing calculators make that ridiculously simple to solve… but how would you make a graph online, anyway?

Hairy, that essay has ERROR :astonished:
I’ll edit it, cause I’m bored.

But that’s the point. Graphing calculators can graph it, but can someone actually solve it with a graph using π and whatnot. As for how they’d represent it online, well, I didn’t particularly care how. I’m sure if they actually cared, which no one does, they would find a way. I’ll come back later and put up one of my own essays later.

(P.S. By later I mean not now.)

A few other mistakes hard to articulate or just issues with the essay as a whole. Not bad though.

Well, it wouldn’t be cheating to ask for help on something. But keep in mind that “help” does not mean giving the answers to those who ask. Instead of fueling their laziness or lack of understanding on what’s being covered, get them to understand what to do instead (or tell them to just shut up and do it themselves).

And just a warning, I don’t want to see any cheating in here. >_>

I also wouldn’t recommend posting your essays in here.

Was a joke <_<

And why not?
EDIT: Wait, you mean specifically my college essays? Cause yeah, I don’t want them to be all “wtf you plagiarized” or something, but I’ve already submitted them, so I dunno if they’d care…

Not specifically your college essays, just plagiarism in general. People could steal your work. But it’s up to you.

I don’t really care if someone steals my work, as long as I don’t get in trouble for it.


i would’ve made some corrections to that but i had to turn it in yesterday =<

thanks for the help though. after you pointed the stuff out i did a head slap and said “Duh!”

The reason, it does, in fact have parts about the U.S.A. in there but i wanted to do something about Romans. So I did as little as I could about the U.S. and a lot more about the Romans because I enjoy talking about them more xD

also, if Idaho’s capitol building seems out of place its because I’m from Idaho =]

Protip for making function graphs.

  1. Intersections with the axis:

f(x) = 0; solve x -> Intersection(s) with the x axis.
f(0) = ? -> Intersection with the y axis.

IE: f(x) = 2 cos(x + π)
2 cos(x + π) = 0; cos(x + π) = 0; x = kπ/2 - π; k=…-5,-3,-1,1,3,5,…
Intersections in x = …, -π/2, π/2, 3π/2, …

f(0) = cos π = -1
Intersections in y=-1

  1. Sign of the function.

Divide the x domain using the intersections with the x axis you got in the previous step.
Evaluate f(x) for each sub-domain.
Provided f(x) is continuous, the sign of f(x) in a point of a given subdomain is the same for the whole sub-domain.

cos(x+π) > 0 between -3π/2 to -π/2, π/2 to 3π/2, …
cos(x+π) < 0 between -π/2 to π/2, 3π/2 to 5π/2, … It alternates in each subdomain.

  1. Growth of the function.

Take the derivative f’(x)
Apply steps 1 and 2 to the derivative

Every subdomain with a f’(x) > 0 means f(x) increases in that subdomain.
Every subdomain with a f’(x) < 0 means f(x) decreases in that subdomain.

f’(x) = -sin(x+π)
-sin(x+π) = 0; x+π = kπ; k=…,-2,-1,0,1,2,…; x = kπ
It alternates >0 and <0 in those subdomains.

  1. Relative maximums and minimums.

Take the second derivative f’’(x).
For every x0 that makes f’(x0) = 0, evaluate f’’(x0).
If f’’(x0) > 0, f(x0) is a relative minimum.
If f’’(x0) < 0, f(x0) is a relative maximum.
If f’’(x0) = 0, f(x0) is an inflexion point.

f’’(x) = -cos(x+π) for every x=kπ, -cos((k+1)π) = -(-1)^(k+1)
positive for even k => minimums on every x = kπ with even k
negative for odd k => maximums on every x = kπ with odd k

  1. Asymptotes.

Calculate lim x->inf f(x) = L.

If L is a real number (non infinite), y=L is an horizontal asymptote of f(x) when x->inf

Repeat this step for x->-inf.

Shall f(x) not be continuous in a certain set of points {xi}, take lim x->xi+ f(x) = L+ and lim x->xi- f(x) = L-

That will provide information on how the function behaves near the discontinuity. If either of those limits are inf or -inf, x = L is a vertical asymptote of f(x).

For diagonal asymptotes, they have the form y = mx + n

m = lim x->inf f(x)/x

n = lim x->inf f(x)-mx

Repeat for x->-inf

lim x->inf cos(x+π) doesn’t exist => no horizontal asymptote
function is continuous => no vertical asymptote
lim x->inf cos(x+π)/x doesn’t exist => no diagonal asymptote

Once you have done all of this, you have enough info to graph f(x) correctly on all the sensitive points.

Now, Nostril Kitty, do your own homework >_>

Homework? Whatever are you talking about? I was just curious if the capacity for understanding existed in you creatures.

Clearly my intentions were not clear. Further study is required.

(P.S. The highest cause of stress in day-to-day life is public speaking.)

Hm… school stuff?
Well, let’s see… I left my unbearably easy highschool for postsecondary at the community college half an hour away, thus causing me to pay for the gas that it would take with money I don’t actually have. This alone as caused a self-implosion in my wallet, which resulted in a black hole, and everything I put in my wallet mysteriously disappears far too quickly for me to spend on anything decent.
Anyway, last semester, my algebra final taught me why people dread finals. Seriously. A fifty question exam shouldn’t take THREE POINT FIVE EFFING HOURS.
…Fortunately, that was the ONLY exam that taught me to dread exams.
THIS semester, I am learning that not all semesters are created equal, even if they do involve equal credits. Comp 2 is a horrid class, and while I thought 16 credits was easy last semester, it’s almost impossible for me to manage this semester.
Uuum… and now I get to go back to my old highschool solely for the fact that they are giving away free t-shirts to every middle- and high-school student, and what they don’t give away goes in the garbage.
NOW, we (that being me and my dad… actually, just my dad) have a target card, which, when we use it, lets Target donate money to my high-school. So far, we have gotten Target to donate about… $4000? (Yes, thousand, we use the card a lot.)
…glad to see where all that donated money is going when their buses are decrepit and they are just getting used to the XP labs.


tl;dr school sucks

True. In a recent poll, people are more afraid of giving a speech than death.