It’s not a fangame, but an actually gameconcept made by my team and me.
This game is being bould in multiple parts.
Every part is a game of it’s own, but every part will be added to an older one.
It’s like massive updates over time

Overal information:

Dimension: 2D sidescroll.
Game Type: Racing /adventure

You’ll have to race against multiple characters (at the same time)
Get a highscore by doing tricks and stuff.
360* spinning with your character.
Be the first to reach the finish.

you can check out our forum on: www.hoverboard.tk
(forum works a little buggy with IExplorer, works best with firefox)
or just download the game right here:

Have fun!


1)eew .tk
2)Nice artwork
3)If your forum doesn’t work in IE, kick your web designer in the balls. Or breast if it’s a she.

Ta, I’ll play your game, now.

yeah… I made the forum xD (kicks me in the balls) and I know what I did wrong. but i’m too lazy to fix it actualy. But that wil come in due time. I can have it fixed in 1 hour, but I’ll need to find some time to do it.

Thanx about the artwork :smiley:

That’s quite an excellent game so far. The presentation is great: nice background music, cool intro, snazzy menu screens, lots of graphics, etc. Well done to the whole team.

The game takes a long time to open and load, and I can see why. Resources stored externally would help this a lot, if you’re up to writing the systems for it. I also experienced frequent framerate drops, especially on the credits and during an event.

The physics could have been a little more realistic (and faster? D:), mainly just by using torque as the way to change rotation. That would allow for true 360-degree spinning, instead of rounding to every 8 degrees or so, and I think it would be easier to control. It also felt a little awkward to move slower in the air than on the ground.

Past there, only a few minor fixes:

  • The “NEXT->” and “<-BACK” buttons are only highlighted by the mouse if you’re over one of their pixels, so it’s easy to accidentally click somewhere like between letters and “miss”.
  • The credits screens are very cool, but past the first one it gets increasingly hard to read the names. :stuck_out_tongue:
  • There are tiypos and missing punctuation in the character descriptions.
  • It’s possible to jump over a checkpoint and have it not count. Theoretically this could mean a crash at the end sends you to the beginning. Although, since the goal appears to be getting the most points instead of the usual getting in first, that could actually be advantageous.
  • The black outlines on the characters and some objects look a little choppy and unfinished.

But really, I’m a critic. Keep up the good work.

yeah, can’t argue with that!
I’ll be fixing that later on, thanx.

Can you tell me more about that “torque” thing. I don’t understand that part and my english isn’t THAT good. xD

And about the air thing, well, your not realy slowing down in air, but you can’t accelerate. (if this IS a big problem, I will concider this with the team.)

We used very good computers during the “freegaming event” a few weeks back, so the presentation went fine.
anyhow, yeah te framedrop is a big problem, and it kills the gameplay alot.

And indeed I heard people saying the game was to slow.
although I heard other people saying it was too fast. xD
But yeah, I’m gonna make a boost-counter or something. It’l give you greater boosts as your score is rising.

Were also comming up with a lot of new concepts for the game, because only racing like this is very boring.

Oh, an actual presentation? That’s cool. I only meant it presents itself to its players well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Torque is a fancy word for “twist”. So my suggestion was that instead of changing the rotation by a set amount each frame when the button’s down (8 degrees or so), it changes an “angular momentum” variable instead. Each frame the “angular momentum” is added to the rotation. Similar to position and momentum, only with the angle instead. Air resistance and the player standing on the hoverboard would also affect the angular momentum. (So you couldn’t spin super-fast and would tend to stay upright while next to the ground)

Good to hear the gameplay is continuing to grow. :smiley:

hmm, ok I guess I understand it a little.

so something like:
how steeper the slope, how slower the player will rotate?
or the opposite…
I’m confused xD
and how bigger the character how faster, or slower he will rotate?

but as you can see, realistic physics arn’t my thing.
but that doensn’t matter, I’ll learn it somehow.

O, and I noticed you couldn’t do anything on the forum before login in.
so I changed that.
you can view almost anything now.

well it no work on vista so i can’t comment, people keep telling me to get something but i don’t know hat the hell they are talking about. If someone could tell me how to get this stuff to work on vista i would be much obliged

Yeah, that’s a little prob with gm6.
It’s something we’ll have to fix when this game is getting big.
And lucky for us, we have found a little program that helps against decompilers.

Just out of curiosity, is P2D also protected against this? (you don’t have to answer this)

anyhow, I think there was some sort of converter on the gamemaker website(yoyo games website)?
maybe you should check that out.

I’ll add some screens for you.
you can choose whether or not to get this converter then :stuck_out_tongue:

And I just finnished watching SpeedRacer!
now THAT’S an inspiring movie!
just wanted to tell…

I’m going to bed now, see ya’ll later xD

It’s just a little hard-to-find conversion program you run the EXE through:
Direct link:

Alright, I’ll explain the physics a little further. It’s not as hard as it sounds, but I don’t know how to explain it well enough. It doesn’t have anything to do with the size of the character or slope of the ground.

Picture a character flying through the air. They’re facing forward because no buttons are being pressed. Now the player holds down the left button for three seconds, then releases it.

In the current demo of the game, the character would rotate for three seconds, then stop rotating when the button is released. What I want is for the character to gradually spin faster during the three seconds, and keep spinning when the button is released.

That’s the basic idea. It would take a lot of additional features and adjustments to work right. Here are the four I’m thinking of:
Air friction - the spinning slows down by some percent each step when no buttons are being pressed.
Maximum spin - so that they can’t become a tornado in the air and get millions of points
Alignment with the ground - the board will quickly, but not immediately, line up with the angle of the ground when the character is right above it, assuming the character isn’t upside-down.
Jump spin - when the character jumps, they automatically start out with some spin depending on what buttons are being pressed.

I hope I’m making sense. It’s very close to how the current demo works, but with a little extra freedom.

wow, now I get it, why didn’t I think of something like that xD
I’ve tried it out, and the idea is… well, really good.
It doens’t work really well, but that’s because I made it, or to fast, or to slow.
Just a few tweeks and I guess it works perfectly!
I did not make the friction yet, but that shouldn’t be to hard.

*edit: It works outstanding! It actually feels more natural!

In game, your not supposed to make a 360 flip without moving, or standing at one place.
(It is posible however in version1)
But with this “friction flipping”, it’s not possible anymore! (and that’s a good thing)

anyhow, I haven’t talked to the team about this, but I will tomorrow.
I think they will be really excited to hear this!

thank you :wink:

Here’s an update to one of our goals…

Here are some screens for the adventure mode! ( I redused the resolution, detail isn’t important here)

So… As you can see, this is the day/night engine. 1 hour is 1 day in game. one transition does 30 game minutes to complete.
I linked every transition with the main time instead of an automatic transition. This way I can jump to every time of the day without having strange problems with the transitions!
Don’t mind the graphics please! I made these with my mad skilz0rz. but I’m letting Chilias (one of the team members) work on the backgrounds.
I used the buildings once again, because… that would save me time :stuck_out_tongue:

And here’s more screens…
Looks the same, but as you can see, you can turn around with your board and head the other way. what your seeing here is a room transition.
I never really played “Fable”(still have to do that) but I heard there was something like this in it? When your about-to exit a room 2 of these black borders come down on the bottem and top of the screen. you exit the room, enter a new one, room name will be displayed, and you have a nice fade in.
I was thinking of making a white transition when it’s day, and a black one when it’s night.

There are more upgrades though! but those arn’t viewable with screens.

When you enter a whole new area you’ll see the intro of the character (like in the race) en the transitions are a little bit slower. after this you’ll get a normal transition again.
once entering a area or room you already have been to you won’t reduce speed! You can race to another part of the game without even stopping!

anyway, I’ve gotta thank Troid92 for his advice! thanx man!

Day, night, and adventure mode? Looking good. :smiley: