how do you peel a banana?

well, how?

  • from the end they all connect
  • from the other end
  • cut it in half, then peel from the middle
  • im alergic <_<
  • the hell is a banana?!

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well? xD

What? No.


Where they connect is where all the pros do it.

Why the fuck else would you do it any way other than by ripping the stem down the back?

if you peel it from the other end it is both easier and doewsnt leave those damn strings behind

Really with the bananas?

But yeah, from the end, greab the stem, peel it down 9/10 of the way, peel the other parts, eat, grab bottom 1/10 and eat, throw away or toss on the street and spin out Luigi to win the Special Cup.

Unless he has a green shell pack out =O

…anyone else’s ‘rank’ or whatever images broken? <_< I think they were stars or something… now they appear to be ripped pieces of paper.
Wtf, they fix themselves immediately after I mention it. I swear, it was like that in three different threads, and now it’s fixed >_>

Just eat it as is, skin and everything.

Keep in mind though, bananas are phallic! 0_0