How do you post images im stuck

i put in the code for the image but it wont work :confused: :neutral_face:

The format is [i[b][/b]mg], then the URL of the image, then [/img].
For instance, [img][/img] displays the image found at,

it isnt on a website!

Upload it to imageshack, at

do you have to be an image shack member :confused:

No, it’s totally free to use

hello this isnt about this but my mum says im not aloud to be a member any more is there a way to delete your profile and login :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Uh, I suppose I could delete it for you, but wouldn’t it be simpler just to not log in for the time being, in case you eventually get allowed back or someting? >_>

Yeah, far easier than contacting modmins on every site you’re not allowed on.

when the new demo going to be ready

Not the right topic, and there are no more demos, at least not GM demos.