How to confuse an idiot

Rrrgh… You know what!!!

. . .

OKAY I ADMIT. ;-; I fff-fffffffffffffffffffff-ff-fell for it. Yousuck XD.

Apoligies for calling you a n00b. I like you a lot :wink:
I refreshed the page >_>
and the only reason I figured it out is cuz I right clicked by accident
if I had a nickel for every click I did…

my computer saved me
i cant view videos so i knew it was fake
0 clicks ;D

I clicked once. :S

i clicked a few timess :stuck_out_tongue:

Hah! I clicked once, said wtf? clicked again then noticed the blur. Good one!

Didn’t fall for it.
It took a moment to appear and displayed the text “User Posted Image”. So I was like "Oh… :neutral_face:"
I also know this forum doesn’t have the Youtube script. (But there’s an idea! Can we get one?)

i right clicked properties because I have never been able to embed a video here

I clicked once, said, “D’oh!” and read about other people also clicking it once.