i almost forgot!



Your sprites rock, Rundas.

Also, my birthday was on Monday. I’m 16 now. Isn’t that cool?

@ UTA: NO.

@ Rundas: Bad birthday. >:3

Um CM your a little off. It’s okay, timing is confusing. Saturday, May 23rd is the day of my birth. I am not saying anything until tomorrow xD

well i saw the birthday thing at the bottom of P2D =P

time zones are fun >_>

lemme guess, CMC, where you are it IS the 23rd (really early)

it is now 12am

same timezone as Rundas =P

True dat. I am not officially 15 yet though! =O
But thanks guys!! I appreciate it :smiley:

i think i may have set the P2D time thing wrong, meh whatever xD

2:13 AM of 5-24-09

happy burfday! :smiley:

current time- 4:16
day- sunday
date- 24th