i got bored

made a bunch of metroids

worked on my phazon

and started a hopping metroid



Nice. Very good. Can you do a hunter metroid?

are you suggesting i make thouse effects?
cuz i cant xD
im horrible with lightning

that comes after the hopping metroid ;D

What happened to give the awesome black metroid so many colors?

(And the explosion is siggified)

Don’t forget, the hopping metroid can go into hyper mode. That means bluish tentacles coming seemingly at random from its body.

i know, the tiny amount of sprites i have already have hyper mode versions
though im still working on some effects for it

made it huge, shrunk it, smacked myself, decided to leave it

Buh? I just recorded a video of phazon in Metroid Prime for your reference!

oh! thanks =D
i’ll prolly add some of those growths…

Ugh, I HATE file front. I can’t download anything from them. It keeps saying I’m connected to many times. I’m not. Any Ideas? (Sorry, not related, but still…)

ok, so im scrapping my hopping metroid and starting over <_<
i got some good references and its a bit off and needs to be bigger

zurg has highjacked my prime project <_<


he’s claiming it as his own
just cuz he made it bigger <_<

A picture is worth a thousand words:

now show everyone how you made that body
how you resized it
cleaned it up, morphed it

you cant deny that

Yeah, I think I can.

It seems sufficiently different.

The size and angle of the torso seems to be an unfortunate coincidence.

Though either way, two people spriting the same thing from the same angle at roughly the same scale is rather easy to end up similar, especially if you use the same reference.

he used the sprites i sent him of what i had done
he blew it up
it wasnt a coincidence
he sent me the file while he was doing it <_<
he may have made custom legs and reworks afew other parts
but i know for a fact that the head and body were directally edited from mine

ask rundas when he gets back

And proof you are not making this up? Yes, I used your sprite and your reference for references, but no, they were not traced, used, or anything beyond that.

Kinda like our Samus vs SM samus.



i opened a new window and THERE IT WAS