I Had an Idea

Maybe there could be some kind of homework/general FAQ topic.

For example, someone needs to know what the Monroe Doctrine was. They post, “I need to know what the Monroe Doctrine is.” Someone answers.
Also, there have been many “My computer is…” and “Where can I find…?” kinds of topics. Putting them into one would make it quicker and more organized.

unless the one thread got so many posts in such little time that questions hardly got answered >.>

i like this
could help give me an excuse when i go off to college to be on here more

That too.

Responding to Pom, if ABSOLUTELY necessary, maybe there could be a completely new forum under “General”. Questions could be topics, like Yahoo Answers.

Not expecting that though. More leaning towards a pinned topic.

Not requesting it…

or asking for it…

just a suggestion.

i suggest lockage just because i feel like being a douchebag atm