I have a Question.

Who is :slight_smile: ? He has -7 posts, and he’s an admin? WTF?

I’m not so sure this belongs here. But if I know what I’m talking about (fat chance), he used his admin powers to change his post count.

That’s Phazon Eater :stuck_out_tongue:
He’s responsible for setting up the forum, I believe. He was the main graphics guy at SCU, if I remember rightly. He made all the admin and moderator icons and such.

He’s so cool that when I was brand-new at SCU he made me a signature!


Incidentally, he’s showing up as PhazE when I look at his profile. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish they would re-enable the official search thingy.

I think this question belongs here, because this question isn’t in the FAQ, and they the thread says that any questions you have not answered by the FAQ, should go here. Oh, and Really? Its phazon eater? Cool. I remember him. What happened to all of our cool mods? (DF, Dazzy, 072 no offence)

Troid misses us

Then why doesn’t he get on?

Ehrm >_>. Well, aside from Phazon Eater, you might try giving some names as to who you think was cool that isn’t around anymore. That might help people answer your question. But really, seeing the project’s current status, and the progress it’s been making as of late, more mods aren’t really necessary right now, IMO.

It might just be me, but whenever I come to this forum, I think it’s compareable to sayyy a small (think Animal Crossing) village, where most of the people know eachother fairly well, and there’s just a small, slow, and steady flow of new members in and old members out. Relative to some other forums, of course. I’m sure at one point, this forum was probably bustling with noobs for a little while.

… Dunno what I’m trying to say. But yeah. @_@


GAH, how’s his coat keep getting zipped up so fast @.@; )

School. You missed that explanation. His teachers are stupid and give him so much homework that his parents actually called the school and told them to stop, because they were worried about his health due to severe lack of sleep.

So yeah, it sucks to be him.

Wtf? Anyway, I’m not saying we need them, I’m saying that we need to see them post once in a blue moon. There cool guys. Besides the point, he needs more than -7 posts.

Edit: Just read that Zurg. Wow. I feel really bad for him. If your in contact, ( any of you ) send him my regards.

I dunno, I got stuck in a loop, watching your av forever animate. And the :wink: was unintentional.

But yes, of course it’d be nice to see some new, meaningful posts from the old mods.

I lol’d. Thanks for the avatar mention. And yeah, I tottaly understand. If I was ever a mod, I would be on every other day, for at least a half hour. Just to keep up with the people. You guys are cool anyway.

yeah, Troid is pwn and need better teachers
so he can come back to us
he deserves NO homework
also an A in everything, mandatory upon his arival to the class

im on everyday for many hours
and im not even a mod! xDDD

I’m on whenever I’m home (as in not school hours) and I’m trying to develop an iPhone app, so I can be on on the go.

Well, when most mods were appointed as, well, mods, they did get on every day and stayed on for long periods of time. Or, at least, in my experience, they did. I remember seeing mods on, and I would come back two hours later, and they would still be on.

I guess my point is is that it becomes more of a chore than actual enjoyment to get on to P2D every day and hang about. Hell, I remember a time when I just stopped coming here altogether for about six months. But after a while, I did miss the community, and started getting on every day again.

So most mods do get on every day when they’re first appointed as mods, but after a while, they just…leave. It’s understandable, is what I’m trying to say, I guess.

I try to stick around whenever I can, for what it’s worth. School and work just have a nasty habit of saying “not now bro.”

I’m on everyday, usually for several hours, just because. However, due to what all has just happened, I don’t think there is any chance of me being a mod. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh well… :neutral_face:

could it be possible that he wants to get such a good grade that he spends that much time on his homework on purpose? i cant imagine having more than a couple hours…

no, thats not it

u sure?

extracurricular activities? (like sports)