I have discovered the meaning of life

Beards = the meaning of life.

Just think about it.

Chuck Norris? Beard.
God? Beard.
Jesus? Beard.
Gandalf? Beard.
Abe Lincoln? Beard.
Ulysses S. Grant? Beard.
Robert E. Lee? Beard.
Poseidon? Beard.
Zeus? Beard.
John Lennon? Beard.
Confucius? Beard.
Karl Marx? Beard.
William Shakespeare? Beard.
Fidel Castro? Beard.
Charles Darwin? Beard.

I have solved it!

But beards have nothing to do with 42.

Unless all of those aforementioned people had 42 inch beards!

42 inches?

That’d be a tad impractical, 42 centimeters sounds so much more practical.

Rule 34. That is all.

How would you make beard porn–oh wait… hmm…

Thank you, thank you for that mental image pom >_>

I think “Stuff” is the meaning of life. When you’re born, you’re taken to a house. What is a house? Stuff. What’s in the house? Stuff. Why do we we go to work? To get Money. What is money? Stuff. What do we use money to buy? MORE STUFF! Oh, and what is a beard? It’s stuff on your face. The world revolves around stuff! It’s the reason for our human existence.


surethe answer to life can be a beard but the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42 the complete series of the hitchhikers guide to the galaxie in one book cost 42 P.S. the yt and ytp videos are not made by me P.S.S. another good video is youtube poop steve snorts bacon powder P.S.S.S. on my bus a bunch of grade 2s talk about sex and porn P.S.S.S.S. everyone i talk to wants to kill me or them is that normal?

Grade 2? So you’re in between 7 and 9 years old…

Yep. Something like that. I guess it depends on where he lives, but by the way he types that seems right.

im not 7 you can ask Archius if i was7 i wouldnt be on p2d posting in the middle of the night

5 1/2 billion Sirius B 7 years or 11 Earth years
And that confirms my theory that I know you.

hi archius

Back on topic.
The answer to life, the universe and everything, is 42.

how do you know im a boy? i could be an alien outlaw who has been here for126 million years then onethousand years ago someones beatlegeuse 1 (ship) flight co-ordanints got glitched and teleported on earth exactly where i was turning me and the guy inside into humans and we havent met until 2 years ago

Mostly because you’re typing in English.

Duh. Thats because most poeple are english

Nah, actually most people are Asian. Nice try thought. Oh, and 42 is a number, and numbers are stuff.

Racism, ignorance, and directly insulting another member all in one sentence? That’s either bold or incredibly stupid. This board has no tolerance for such conduct.