I have your sprites

I have your Samus and Ship sprites
Only Samus and and the Ship. I would be honored if you would allow me to us them
in the Smash Flash 2 project and my Smash Bros VX series.

Sorry, but we don’t generally allow anyone the use of our sprites.

Thanks any way
oh by the way I’m a good spriter too
i can make just about any sprite
i geuss i got lazy but if you need any thing call me

Could you whip up a Metroid Prime in Final Fantasy 6 style?
We’ve been having trouble with her.

So while this is entirely unrelated, I just watched There Will Be Blood, and it was awesome.

Who’s in it?

…You haven’t seen it?
Then why did you reference it two posts up and then give kudos to people who got it >_>

I was refrancing something else <_<;

Which, in turn, references There Will Be Blood…

Which I have not seen <_<

Why did you revive a month old topic for that -.-

It’s a good-ass movie :smiley: