I just realized

I might be kinda slow on this, but I just realized how much the Landing area on Elysia resembles the Artifact Temple on Tallon :O_O:
The entire room is identical…


Don’t feel bad, Rundas, that same thing didn’t click in my head until the last time I played Prime 3, which was, I dunno, 3 months ago.

On a semi-related note, my Wii sounds really loud when it runs Prime 3. Like, it sounds as if the Disc is rubbing against something it shouldn’t. My Wii doesn’t do this with any other game. The Wii begins reading Prime 3, and then it just sounds really, really loud while I play Prime 3. Does anyone else have this problem, or know what causes it? I’m gonna check some troubleshooting pages on the web, but still, care to help me out?

Anyway, yeah, I didn’t notice that until about 3 months ago, Rundas.

Swan, CG’s Wii does that with Brawl.
And his Brawl only does that when its working, and it only works when the Wii is standing up straight. I don’t know what it is, so I can’t hep you. Sorry :cry:

Hm…I may have to try laying my Wii on it’s side to see if Prime 3 works like that. I’ll do that sometime today.

why troubleshoot it when you can wait for it to break and send it in on a warranty? :slight_smile:

Lack of warranty. That’s why. Unless Nintendo has some sort of extended warranty program of which I know nothing about…

Anyway, I found that if I lay my Wii on its side, I can still play Prime 3, and the sound is a little less…chaotic. There is less of what sounds like scratching, but it still sounds awful and loud. It scares me.

try rubbing the disc on some fleece, make it staticy, then put it in

Uh…are…are you serious?

I’m willing to try anything, basically. I miss playing Prime 3. :frowning:

very serious
its worked on my Wii, ps1 and 2, xbox and 360, and pc

good luck! =D

rub the labeled side obviously but yeah it works, saved my Halo 3 disk from making that unsettling noise

Is the MP3 disk dual-layer? I thought that Brawl was the only one, but MP3 and SMG’s graphics are both too good IMO to be normal disks.

you’d be surprised what can fit on 4.5 GB