I need a smiley

anyone know where a smiley like this is

i want it something like the green guy. I believe it was posted here once but i cant find it. :frowning:


Is it really that hard to click “Show All” in the Smilies box and find it?

Is it really all that hard to realize that he might have missed it?

is it really too hard to read something so close rather than make a topic, which is soooo much more work (finding other image and such) for them, and everyone else?

oh and um… :metroid: while im creating confusing gibberish…

perfect thanks!!! And yes I didnt notice there was a show all button so stop being asses. You guys sure love making people feel bad.

Yes, Czar, you’re a terrible person for posting a topic for help instead of doing everything yourself.

We wouldn’t want to have other people help us with anything. :unamused:

ps that was sarcasm, for those that didn’t realize

ok… … … … … … … … … … … … … . …LOCK THIS TOPIC