it… need something
other then the sprites that make it charge at you
which are gunna be hard for me

and no, this is not a sheegoth
similar, but different
has no ranged attack, and only the ice is invunerable ;D
it charges at you like a moto
with its horn
its like…
sheegoth, moto, triceratops

hence the name

oh and feel free to ignore the ice zoomer <_<

Why don’t you just call it “iceratops”? It’s just as cheesy without trying to hide it. More awesome.
And more pronouncable.

It’s neat though :3

works for me, but i still need help figuring out what it needs D=

CM I still dont like the name =\

i dont like your face D<

and anyway its more of a place holder name
if i think of something better <_<

but i gotta call it SOMETHING
instead of “that icy thing”


jk, babe
i love your face <3

o.o’ I believe CM has something to say about his orientation >.>


ok, back on topic

It’s cool.

shot for bad pun

Seriously though? It kinda looks like it’s wearing a giant spiky wig or just has big punk hair.

And it’s extremely obviously derived from a sheegoth. I’d suggest making it slightly more original. Hell, it’s basically just a sheegoth with a horn and bigger back-spikes and no eyes. The body shape is identical, IIRC.

its supposed to be similar

You should call it bIr Dochvam, It’s “This is cold” in klingon.