I’d like to introduce the entirely pointless “Idlers” topic. This topic is for occasions when multiple people are on the forum, but none of them have a topic to post into. Thus, if they want to post somewhere, they post here. :slight_smile:

I know it’s random, but at times like now when there’s 3 members on but they aren’t posting anything… shrug

So in other words this is a spam topic?

It’s not entirely pointless <_<

I post shit all the time just cause I want to talk to people who happen to be online, but they’re not posting anywhere D:
Maybe we need like a shoutbox or something.

Isn’t that what IRC is for?

Oh yeah, it is.
Install it, type /server, and then type /join

:stuck_out_tongue: I used mIRC long before I knew anything about GM, although I’d be very rusty at its code/syntax now. But yeah, I didn’t know the forum had an IRC channel. Sorry about that x).

Relevant to IRC: If anyone has a DS flash cart, I know of a pretty good IRC client for DS :slight_smile:.

Edit: Sure is a pretty inactive channel, or at least right now, considering the number of users in it. I guess people just join the channel, then idle?

I use Miranda-IM, because basicly, anything can connect to IRC these days.

Windows needs a built in client.

Posted on Nov 20 2008, 03:29 AM

Gee, I wonder… =P

someone look at my colaboration! i think its the best yet (from me)

Ahh people hi people lots of people hi.

… Notice how the formality of my posts has been slowly degrading recently? <_<

i’ve noticed that with me too. there are no frequent admins anymore

Halp me! I can’t get XP or Ubuntu to install on either of my hard drives…:frowning:

I blame bill gates.

I can write upside down.
But some turds don’t like that.

>_> What’s that have to do with mIRC?


well what if you were on the titanic and while it was sinking you had to use mIRC upside down because it capsized?

Writing upside down is 1337.

ja ja