If Samus was a man

I was thinking, if Samus was a man instead of a woman, do you think part of the game’s greatness would be losed?


whatever, the greatness that is metroid is in the superb game design and sublime gameplay not the story, you want a story? heres a story: there are some enemies; kill they ass

samus is a girl/?

wait, nvmnd i knew that. the game would rock because shes look more like gears orf war or halo 3

Typical guy talk.
It’s nice to see a girl kickass without having to run around in some skimpy outfit.

Are you forgeting Zero mission?

I did…Well, sex sells…

i think i would preffer halo if samus was a man, i just love a woman in a power suit…

IMO it just wouldn’t be the same if it were a guy. Samus being a women was one of the small things that made the game unique.

I’ve been asking around. Yes, Game-play wise, but It probably wouldn’t have caught on as well as it did. Samus being a girl helped it be different.

You wouldn’t have to search for all the upgrades in every damn game if Samus was a man.
She’s useless and weak without them.

not true, read into the backstory nubbie

( i would post the reasons why but I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to lazy to actually do that)

Well, it’d be nice if they portrayed her correctly in the games. She is a lot more powerful than the games make her out to be. I mean, she was trained by the Chozo from a very young age to be the ultimate fighter. If I remember correctly, the Metroid Manga states that the Power Suit only augments her abilities. Although I could be completely wrong there.

It’s two in the morning right now, so I’d rather not check to see if I’m right, and go to bed.