If we had a Writing Forum, would you use it?

Would you?

  • Yes
  • No

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Would you?

It would be a great place to show off poems and short stories, as well as novel ideas and work.

It wouldn’t even have to be limited to that. You could even post things like suggested reading.

It’s just an idea, Daz and DF would have to say yes.

I would, but only for the random lyrics and poems that spawn out of my head at random times. xP

Definitely. It’s a good way to make the forums more active.

Also fun.


I could make use of it, but I seriously doubt most of you would be interested in anything I write.
Still vote yes, though.

i wouldnt only because i dont like what i write xD

I would use it, but couldn’t we classify writing under the Graphics Board? I mean, writing is a form of art.

Graphics means images.

Well, yeah, but look at the description of it. It references artistry rather than graphics. Of course, I’m taking artist into a far too literal ideal, rather than what is probably meant by the description, which is exactly what you mean.

But yeah, I would use a writing forum.

Nieh. When it comes to writing, it generally gets thrown into the general discussion board.

i’m not going to vote because i’m probably not going to write anything soon but if i do write something i’ll probably post it over here.

I would enjoy this idea.I myself like writing and(even though I’m not very active) I would like to “upload” some of my stories. :smiley:

I like sharing what I write! Though I don’t do it often, and am pretty bad at it. :[

The “graphics” forum is intended as a more “arts” forum, meant to include music, drawings, poems, and everything in between.

Perhaps that should be clarified.

You could rename it to the “Arts board” or “Fine arts board” or something like that…

zurg speaks wisdom

actually that possibly the wisest thing I’ve read all day

Does wisdom even get posted on here? <_< Lol. I voted yes, because I’m trying to write a story, and I need Input.

there lol