I'm back!

Alright, so you probably don’t remember me, but after a long hiatus, I’m back! I’m surprised this forum and P2D project is still alive. Well, I guess P2D is about as alive as an injured Space Pirate lying on the ground…

My fangame that I started/announced like 4 years ago, well…as you can guess, it’s been shelved. I still would like to revive it, but unfortunately I don’t have the skills nor time to do so. Hell, the topic I made is still around, surprisingly enough. I don’t plan on reviving the topic though, as that would be against the rules. >_>

I have a question about that MetEngine mentioned in the main site. Is it finished? Will it be freely available if/when it is finished? Maybe if I had my hands on a decent engine, I could start up my fangame again…

EDIT: Didn’t really know where to put this topic. :confused:

general or fangames would probably have sufficed

but hullo, i dont know you :smiley:

as for the engine, no
i have a strong feeling its not done xD

there’s still a main site? i’m surprised!

Of course we still have a main site. It just sits there though and does nothing. Oh dear God, look at his member number, he was one of the originals! You were here when the forum was ACTIVE. HAHAHAHA so was my old account. Well, nice to have you back. Welcome aboard the USS Going Nowhere Soon. I am its janitor, and I just realized that the manifest is telling me that you have been on this ship the whole time… OK!!

I remember you, Banjo! Banjo is a good sprite artist.

Oh, that’s right! Now I remember. Drew a dog or something that was pretty awesome.

I’m flattered but, aren’t you thinking of some other user named Banjo? I remember him on SCU. He was quite the good spriter, though.

However, I would like to help out with spriting, if I can.

Oh maybe.

Tim means maybe about the ‘other’ banjo, not you being willing to help as a spriter.

I’m no longer in a position to say ‘yes’, but I bet you will be allowed, we just need some examples of yo work. :smiley:

Anything and everything works. If you have anything to show, we’ll be happy to shred it to pieces I MEAN, check it out.

I appreciate the sentiments. I’ll try to get right on something.

I’m not very confident about making big sprites, so bosses are out of the equation for me. You will probably see a sprite sheet of some small things (for P2D or anything Metroid related) from me in about a day or two.

Hey, nice to meet you. Haven’t seen you before.

Good to see you’re gonna do something for the team (something I can’t say for myself :stuck_out_tongue:).

Hope to see you around the forums often!

What Swan said. Hi Banjo. I’m Rundas45. Rundas for short I guess. I is a spriter :smiley:
Every time I talk to an original member I feel honored or something. I was here since like…at one point in 05 and I was obsessed with this site. I remember I came when the beam test demo just came out. I never signed up though. I was a “guest”. So yeah…
Why did I go on about that? >_>

Oh whoops, forgot my nickname. Thanks Rundas.

My nickname is Swan. I almost forgot how we got that one. It’s what the first two characters of my username sound like when you say them really fast.

Thus, Swan is my nickname.

Nice to meet you guys.

I really like your sig, Rundas. Never realized Samus had so many suits. (Barring the Dark Samus renditions, of course.)

Holy shit. See, there was this guy named Banjo who made some of the best Zelda walkthroughs on Gamefaqs, that I’ve used many times, to the point where I would actively look for something he had done. And then I come looking through old things here and I see this thread and I think “wait, that username sounds familiar, is that the same Banjo?” and sweet baby Jesus it is the same Banjo.

Small world. Too bad he’s not active anymore.

Cool story, bro.

I have that T-shirt.