I'm back.

I finally completed my basic military qualifications course. It was one hell of an achievement and now I’m officially in the Navy. I flew all the way from one side of Canada to my new home in British Columbia. I’ll be able to become an active member again, so see you guys around.

Just in case for you foreigners :wink:

allow me to be the first to welcome you back to the (kinda dead at the moment) board cortez

Huh. Every single capital city is in the lower fourth (maybe eighth) of their respective provinces.

Edit: Except Edmonton. Dangit.

Sorry about the Maniac Puzzle thing. I got so far, probably a dozen or so Sterile levels and another dozen of the other themes. And added four or five gameplay elements. And now all that is gone forever.

I heard BC bud is popular over there :astonished:

Holy Shirt! I never noticed that before! I guess we like our capitals low, up here. So we can stay warm!