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Perhaps, but those are basically just energy orbs that can move… :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyway… when I say originality, I don’t expect you to come up with a completely new storyline. Just get some new enemies enemies and a good flow. For example this is an enemy that you’ve probably never seen before. The tileset, not including the background, is modified to some extent. Rather than just getting the sprites, I even edited a few of them so that they all appear to be lighted from the same source, though I forgot to add the lights themselves as seen here. Just pretend that there are actually lights in that picture.

This picture is another example where the lighting all matches pretty well. All the ‘surface’ art is lit, but anything beyond is dark, suggesting a low level of atmosphere. This picture however, isn’t so good (same guy?). The lighting of the room itself suggests an ambient cool, white light. However, the monitors suggest a more radiant hot light coming from either up or down depending on which one you look at. The tiles are 16bit as well, so they don’t even really fit well with the other tiles. This can be fixed with a nice retooling, but whatever.

If you look back at that picture that I made, you’ll notice that huge thing taking up most of the screen. I did not make that. I spent around five minutes editing a completely irrelevant sprite to make it fit generally with the art style of Metroid. It came originally from a Sonic game. Another ten minutes and I, despite having relatively little skill in spriting, could have made it look ten times better.

Using 16bit Kraid, a 32bit Ridley, 32bit Samus, and a melange of 16bit and 32bit tiles that everyone here has seen before doesn’t create a good game. Giant hulking robots, however, do.

Heha. Giant hulking robots rule…I’ll have to figure a way to fit those into Genesis.

You know what I don’t get? Why hasn’t anyone tried to put Quadraxis in a fangame? He rules! 8)

Because spriting him is a bitch. I’ve been working on one on the side, but no matter how good he may look (not bragging, just saying, even if he was great), that would be INSANE to animate.

Not to mention it would require massive coding skill to make something like that work.

Plus it’d be hard to fit him in a story.

I know, I am considering putting him in a fangame :confused:

I did with my original Metroid Legends 3 project, but he came out looking like a blue and white square with rabies. I’d show you a humiliating picture but I lost the original version because something deleted a bunch of .dll files and my computer couldn’t start up

And with hoss’ question about the “guns” on the MP2 ship, they’re part of the engine, the almost exact same way you see on MP one (with the smoke coming out) and they’re on SM, not the cylinder parts but the balls are still there

The ship in Super Metroid has weapons. Seeing as all you can see is the front, and why would you put engines on the front, what else could you mistake those little holes for?

Gah…who’s Quadraxis? >.<

Oh, well, it still looks different.

You missed the point entirely. Quadraxis was in one game. It was cool in one game. Putting him in every game would be boring. On top of that, only that weird planet has a Quadraxis.

Quadraxis was cool because no one had ever seen it before. Now we have. Don’t use Quadraxis unless you have a good reason to.

hoss swanson, you have some good points. However, mindlessly bashing, yelling and flaming aren’t among them. Daz is right on most of his points: Looks change because they were made to change. You, the giant fan of originality, should be applauding the changes. Daz is right on another point: MP2 is directly after MP, hence the series. Try thinking with a clearer mind. [/rant]
And don’t double post. :whack:

I didn’t double post, did I?

My point about Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2 is that you’re following a different storyline than in the 2D ones. Your goal, your nemeis, etc. are basically different. In Metroid Prime, you’re trying to discover something about Phazon. In the 2D ones, you’re trying to uncover some big secret revolving around Metroids. If you got rid of Prime 1 and 2, then the 2D games’ storyline would still make sense. If you got rid of the 2D games, than Prime’s storyline would still make sense. Randomly combining the two just because you like both of them will not work. You need to give the story a good flow.

Nothing I have said is mindless. I am writing with a fully clear head. One member clearly posted that he would prefer that critics be as brutal as possible (who and where this post originates escapes me), and I’m doing just that.

I think Hoss is just being an elitist bastard who’s trying to make everyone’s games fit his Hitlereqsue vision of the “Aryan Fangame”. :wink: Come on, it’s a fangame, dude, you can’t expect that much originality due to that fact alone.

And yes, you double posted, but I took care of it.

That was me, by the way, about the brutal critiques, but that’s not how I meant it.

I’m not being an elitist bastard. I’m just saying what everyone has already said - just consolidated into the post on the first page of this topic. People say they want harsh critics, I just gave them one. Some people are agreeing with my point on midi, others aren’t. This is by no means elitist. You agree with certain points, others disagree with them.


How callous did you want it?

All I’m saying is that you’re demanding a level of originality and expertise that most fangame-makers don’t have. See, generally when someone likes something enough to make a fangame for it, they like it how it is, and don’t want to do everything possible to make it different from what they liked to begin with.

I know they have this level of expertise. They just need to learn that there’s time involved a project. Do what P2D and Super Metroid Clasic are doing - band together to make the game happen.

Look. We were arguing about area names of all things. This game has them. Polaris is just “Polar” with an I and an S added to it, but it’s a name. Simple details like that are what can make or break a game. I don’t eve know what Brinstar means, but it’s a name. There’s an entire team with each member dedicated to doing something. It’s not quite up to what you’d expect from a real Metroid game, but it’s not even half done. Imagine what it’s going to be like when it is done. And that guy who just said I’m mindlessly bashing quickly replies to their “annihilator suit” with

This is exactly what they needed to know. I have to say I didn’t like it either, and now the team knows.

Next up, this is what the game should feel like. That’s all he’s really done in his game, but it’s there. This is really good work. Please remember, though, that I’m not saying that every game has to look and play just like that. If it’s fluid and coherent, that’s what matters.

Good game here, too. It needs a bit of fixing here and there, and I think the name needs to be changed, but it looks like it can become really good; I mean Nintendo good.

Last on my list, Metroid Legends 3. I’ll say it right now - I don’t like 1 or 2 very much. 3, though, looks like it’s going to be great.

Yeah, there are others that I like, but these four are the only ones I’m going to talk about. Don’t take my critique as being completely hateful toward what everyone’s doing. I’m just saying that there are things that people will like, and things that they won’t. Those four up there can probably be really good, as can others.


See? People are clearly able to work. Some just aren’t willing to spend the time, and others just can’t find anyone who is willing to band with them to create a game. We have one guy just sitting there who can create sprites and make music. He can even give you good ideas and help you with the story. Has anyone thought to ask him for help?

Games don’t finish because people really want them to be done just as quickly as they snap their fingers. I’d like this, too, but we all have to accept that there’s time invloved. There are posts littered around the site where people talk about how they don’t have games any longer because they were scrapped. Why were they scrapped? Because the creator was overwhelmed with work.

Even the strangest ideas can be fun. But read the posts below the first one. Everyone’s already saying that he can’t do it alone. Everyone’s telling him what to do and what not to do. Now this guy’s sitting there with a ton of work that needs to be done, and he comes up with a good idea. He turns the game into an engine with an editor. Now that he’s getting a relatively simple editor for the commmunity to use, he’ll have the entire forum working for him.

Also, I have one last point against midi. Listen to this (direct link to MP3) and then these.

This is agreeable with me. (WARNING: Longer post than I thought it was, read if you want.) I may end up having the whole forum work with me on my fangame. I mean, I already got a lot of content thought up, a little too much. I’m just a bit overwhelmed right now with the amount of stuff I’ll have to program.

Engine to be the same as Fusion’s/Zero Mission’s? That’ll take quite some time and effort.

Large areas with huge rooms? That’s just begging to be a better game, but will require lots of skill.

One secondary beam for each original beam, adding up to 10 beams, and Charge Combos for EVERY Beam? Holy crap, even I admit that that is a bit much to program, so I might need some help.

I really am not original with bosses, because I am reusing some already used bosses from other games, such as:

Kraid? Is okay, he needs to be in more games as much as Ridley. (It’s TRUE.)
Ridley? He’s seeming to become a main villian for Samus, but it’s getting ridiculous of how much he’s being freaking revived.
Torizo? They are either a Chozo defense system for Zebes, or an alien race resembling the Chozo in looks, completely different in motives (evil); whichever theory is correct, I’m using the latter. If it does end up being a Chozo defense system, then I’ll be kicking my ass from here to Timbuktu.
Draygon? He’s only appeared in one game, one more teensy appearance can’t hurt right? Still it seemed as if Draygon was a native to Zebes. However, you have to explain how Draygon’s minions were in Fusion…
Mother Brain? Holy crap, I am REALLY kicking and punching myself for putting this boss in the game. I thought of Mother Brain being reborn in the final area BEFORE I learned about MB being a ZEBES-ONLY defense system. ****. I’ll more than likely get bashed by all the plot-technicality critics for this stupid job. Still, I’ve put in MB emblazoned into the storyline, so I’ll have to come up with a DAMN good explanation for this…

Even with all these bosses being reused for my fangame (quite unoriginal), I’ve compensated that for making the bosses have more attacks and being harder to beat at the same time. Example:

Kraid: Has faster reflexes, and has a new ball-sucking ability. (Oh. My. God. I feel so damn dirty right now. :blush:) He starts breathing in air, and you’ll have to roll up into the Morph Ball and lay a few Bombs once inside him to cause the final blow. (WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME AND MY SEXUAL INNUENDOES!!! :angry:)

Now that I look back at my post, it’s not often that you see someone bashing their own fangame ideas. :laughing: :laughing:

I have what I think is an intersting way of explaining Kraid and mini-Kraid for Genesis. I am thinking that Kraid is a biological weapon designed by the Pirates using stolen Chozo technology. That’s why you see smaller ones-less grown-and bigger ones. It’s not the same Kraid from game-to-game.

As for the Torizo, I’m using the theory that they are a powerful Chozo defence system that malfunctions at times during Super Metroid, because they always help you in the first game.

One of the reasons I like these theories so much is the gameplay possibilities. It’s likely that, at one point or another in Genesis, you will assault a Pirate base alongside of Chozo resistance members and Torizo, and in another part, get to torch (literally-flamethrower :smiley:)the Pirates’ research on the Kraids.

Uh, what torizo help you in the first game? They weren’t even introduced until the third. >_>

And I’m pretty sure the manual stated that they were just defence systems. NOt malfunctioning, just guarding items.

What do you call those statues that regenerate your energy and weapons, and tell you where to go? A bit too long-legged to be Chozo statues.

And, good, I won’t have any story-fanatics knocking at my door telling me exactly what Torizo are and are not.

Chozo statues implimented so that people won’t get stuck searching throughout entire game. Keep in Mind that Zero Mission is built for people on the move, so they don’t expect you to have more than ten minutes in between each save.

Also, Torizo started in game 3.