ok we REALLY need a yuutuub topic now…

I just found this-

I?m On a Rail

Aww, s***
Get your save hotkeys ready,
It?s about to go down
Everybody in the base hit the f***ing rail,
But stay in your mother f***ing tram

We runnin? this, let?s go

I?m on a rail(I?m on a rail)
I?m on a rail(I?m on a rail)
Everybody look at me,
?cause I?m moving on a rail(Moving on a rail)
I?m on a rail(I?m on a rail)
I?m on a rail
Take a good, hard look at the motherf***ing rail

I?m on a rail motherf***er take a look at me
(Straight) Moving on a rail, fightin? Alpha Team
Bustin? all my caps, look at the bullet trails
You can?t stop me, motherf***er ?cause I?m on a rail

Take a medikit,
I?m on a rail, b****
I got my HEV Suit ?cause it?s so hip
I got my crossbow,
And I?m makin? certain
I?m flippin? switches
You at Aperture, makin? curtains

I?m ridin? on a trolley,
Killin? Vorts and s***
Their blood is splashin?,
Getting everybody all wet
But this ain?t ID?,
This is real as it gets
I?m on a rail, motherf***er, don?t you ever forget

I?m on a rail, and
It?s goin? fast, and
I?m being followed around by the G-Man

I?m the king of the world,
On a rail like Freeman
If you?re on the ground,
Then you?re sure not me, man

Get the f*** up,
This rail is real

F*** ground, I?m on a rail, motherf***er(Motherf***er)
F*** trees, I climb ladders, motherf***er(Motherf***er)
I?m on the rail with my guns, motherf***er(Hey)
The rail tracks make noise, motherf***er

Hey, Ma if you could see me now(See me now)
Head split wide with a crowbar, now(Crowbar now)
Gonna fly this rail to the moon somehow(Moon somehow)
Like goin? to Xen, anything is possible

Yeah, never thought I?d be on a rail

Advisor, look at me
Never thought I?d see the day,
There?d be a big rail comin? my way
Believe me when I say,