I'm staring to dislike Metroid..

Where the hell do people keep getting the idea that she got her suit back? The ending clearly shows closeups of her new suit, and it’s still got the Fusion design, just with the old colors.

I loved Metroid Fusion and Metroid Zero Mission, both were excellent games. Don’t say the games are too short; they might be if you don’t do everything you can, but if you do speed runs you’ll get your moneys worth.

I’m sure someone will make a 2D game eventually anyway. As long as someone finds out what fans want.


eeya Nintendo knows we want derad but they don’t seem to care.

Metroid Dread was found on an E3 game list

The Metroid community learns that this game is rumored
to be a 2D sequal to Fusion

Metroid community celebrates this game, anxiously awaiting
to hear more of this new game

After all the hype everyone showed, MD is canceled…

Zomg, Metroid Dread is confirmed! The metroid community
throws a party, life is good!

Fans sit in their living room, expecting to hear something about this new game

Still nothing yet, but there is still hope

The Metroid Communitys hype for this new 2D game dies, and
the metroid fanbase was once again let down and plunged into
a dark gelitan pit of boredom once more…

Metroid community doubts the release of the next Super Metroid

… Not much to do anymore… Metroid Community is highly inactive,
fans wait in dark corners, waiting for Dread to be officially announced,
but until them… Well, it’s not in my place to say.


Well there are the Primes to console us.

Chubby story is a Story that is a crap…

and Dazuro answered the other question, she don’t get the Suit back, only the capability to fire the ice beam…

i hear a rumor going around that they will release a 2d game called metroid dread. its supposed to take place after fusion. but i believe it got cancelled.:neutral_face::frowning:

Dread has been dragged into this mere, two page, convo.

Yes, it’s been canceled again.

No, it’s been contradicted like fourteen times. Nobody has a clue if it’s real or not. No cancellations and no confirmations have happened.