Infinity's Games

I’m working on a simple 3rd Person RPG (Shooter-esque. I kid you not.)

I currently have no story, no setting, and no idea. But thats not what I’m worried about, or what I’m hear for.
I am still working on the engine itself, being made in game maker. (Its nothing big or fancy so its all I need.) But since Game Maker has been bought up (Old news) and I don’t want my work to be under someone else’s name, I need the version of Game Maker just before it got bought. (6.1 or 7 I think.) It doesn’t need to be registered, I have the key for it. If anybody would be kind enough to give me a link to the older version, I would be most pleased.
I actually already have the engine almost complete, but since a poorly-timed computer crash, I lost the game maker program. I’ll be happy to share what I have done so far.

The Graphics I’m using are from a game called “Heroine Iysayana”. This originally started out as a fan sequel, but now I want to make it into something else, I’m just not sure what. I would love to be able to continue this project, if only I had Game Maker.

Anyway, heres the Download. (Takes a moment to give the link.)

Also, for those who remember Planet Zebeth Emulator, I still have it and would like to continue it as well.

I might as well keep all my little experimental games in one place, renamed the topic, not reposted.

Here’s another little game I’m working on called “Pica!”.
Basically a minimalistic game using only 96x96 sized window, chiptunes for background music, and the character is only a block.

So far I’ve got the demo ready, it’s stable and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.
Here’s the download.

First link no worky.
2nd link won’t let me download. :confused:

Edit: Got 2nd one working
Edit2: Good game, fun, but sometimes it’s hard to tell where to go/what to do.

2shared is a bit hard to find the download link to, plus there is a brief wait. (At least not like RapidShare though.) It’s easy to use and free for all files.

I’ll re-upload the first game.