insanity vs sanity

if insanity is defined as doing the same thing repeatedly, then why is sanity doing the same thing everyday for your whole life?
-Candy Man Criminal, yesterday, college parking lot


Insanity is an unpredictable nature. Sanity is able to prove your coherence.

ah, but plenty of technically insane people are perfectly coherent

?The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?
Albert Einstein

perhaps “sanity” is just a less destructive form of what many people define as “insanity”?

were all insane, we all do the same thing every day and yet, many of us expect that there will be different occurrences

exactly my point

its a good thing einstein was known for his nobel prize in psychiatry or your logic might not make that much sense

Also like I said on facebook, "It’s also talking about different things. In the first case, you’re thinking of OCD, which means you’re compelled to do the same thing every time. In the second case, you’re not compelled to do things the same way every day, but it’s stable if you do."
No one says it’s sane to do the same shit every day, but it’s stable.

Sanity sucks.

stable until someone cracks and blows away half the people at their office
or kill their husband/wife
or kids
or other family
or friends
random people on the street

doing a stable thing would NOT bring people to the list above, period
the “stable” lifestyle of the majority of the world actually breeds insanity

also as Liks said, sanity sucks