Ironman movie
I just noticed, that if they made a metroid movie, Samus would look alot like Ironman, wouldnt she?

I can see what you mean, yeah :smiley: .

That looks freaking amazing.
And if they made a metroid movie that looks like that…drools

The metroid movie would probably be basically the same movie, but with less corny humor.

Sucks that the news about that Metroid movie a while back was a hoax…
Theres a good chance that a Halo movie might come out, though!

Wasn’t a hoax.
Just hasn’t happened yet.

Actaully, what with ewe boll being ‘the only fucking genious in the buisness’, however, hopefully gone, it might not be TOO bad.

I doubt it…Last I heard, every film company known to man had dumped the project.
Though I must say, It would be alot easier to do a Halo movie then a metroid one…