Irritating mp2e glitch

I was playing back through mp2e for old time sake, and got to the point in sactuary fortress (in Main Gyro Chamber) where you have to boost from the center gyro ring, through the glass to get to the yellow door. And, iv’e tried everything I can think of, but when I boost, the morphball simply will not go far and fast enough to even reach the glass. Iv’e never had this problem before, but given the games terrible spiderball physics, i’m not suprised either. If anyone has any ideas about this or if you’ve experienced this before, lemme know.

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Is that the part right before the battle with Dark Samus? I had a hell of a time with that in one run, but normally I can get it. Try boosting from different angles and locations on the track.

Ugh, ive tried every angle, and position on the track. half the time the morphball doesnt go anywhere at all. I’ve tried everything save restarting teh game.

How long are you holding down the boost? Because I’ve found that that sometimes has an effect…

Other than that, I really don’t know what to tell you. Good luck figuring it out.

Do you mess with the control stick at all during and/or after the boost?

well i tried several things. holding down for a second, a half second, and even just long enough to be able to boost, but it seems to do the exact same thing every time. And im not the type of player who is usually hindered by this sort of thing. So this glitch must be pretty bad.

ive tried exactly 27 times…O.O

edit-make that 42 times <_<

Please don’t double post.

Try this: Move as far to the right as you possibly can on the spiderball track (Unless my memory is faulty and there is no end…), then let go of everything except for R. Hold in B for about 2 seconds, and let go. Don’t touch the control stick at all.

ill try it thanks. and sry for double posting <_< fast reply and me are too good of friends lol.

I remember there being a small platform along the track as well as a few other details pointing out where you need to boost from. It also helps to not be holding a direction on the analog stick when you boost, as that will affect your aim.

I beat the game like 8 times and never had this problem…

I’ve gotten into that perdicament where that sound lock glitch right before the Caretaker Drone. It forces you to start your game over by scratch which sucks balls… But most annoyingly in all the Metroid Prime games, the fucking doors always take like 3-10+ seconds to open when you shoot them.

I’ve never had 10+, but I have to say, when your backs up against a door, you have 83 health, and are facing down a group of pirate commandos…
That’s a feeling few games can reproduce.

(Yes, I LIKE the loading times)

At least it doens’t blank out to a NOW LOADING screen every time you leave a room. Door lag > that by miles any day.