Is anyone even here?


Here, I logged in on a Tuesday. Does that count? :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope we’re seeing a gradual decline in spam. Some of them were using addresses from disposable temporary email address sites (like one of them today verified their email using “”: “Pew Pew Pew!”), so those are easy to blanket-ban. Spambots love using those, but it wouldn’t make sense for a real person to use one of those as their P2D account’s email.
But some of them use throwaway gmails and I still have no idea how to prevent them. I’m always hesitant to ban any IP ranges because they’re probably using VPN services to hide their actual IPs or something, and then I’d be banning a legitimate IP range. If anyone has any ideas…


Is there some way to manually authorize accounts/first posts? I can’t remember if Invision has anything like that, but since we don’t really get any new users that aren’t spam it probably wouldn’t be much of an inconvenience.


Wow, there’s still some activity in here! And I still recognize some avatars and sigs.


There is still indeed activity!

Check out our new web page where you can download past demos: Prime 2D Public Board

It’s slow but there are some of us who are still collaborating behind the scenes.


Oh does that count?
Whoops – I figured it just amounted to “we’re not dead” like I’ve always been saying. >.>


I don’t see why it needs to be super secret or w/e. I mean, telling one person isn’t gunna make a big deal. Just no press report that’ll make people all hyped up without knowing how far along we are. :slight_smile: