is metroid2 worth it?

21 more metroid to kill =)

Metroid II and SM are the only two I’m missing. It is pretty much unplayable on a keyboard.


He means that controlling the game through the use of the pre-set keys on the keyboard is awkward when compared to a consol controller.

I second that. It’s pretty damn hard to play SM on an emulator and I’m lucky I’m at where I am (Maridia just past the craw-fish boss… thing…)

yeah thats why its so damn hard to make things submittable to metroid2002. i switched around the keys to as comfortable as possible but its still hard. i know what you mean about maridia, draygoon was hard with a keyboard. walljumping was the worst. anywhere.

i dont want to start a topic about this but have you guys ever experienced rom problems where you cant use three buttons at a time? like i cant use L to aim diagonally, and R to enable missiles, and B to shoot. wierd?

I’ve always found SM much easier to control with a keyboard <_<
Maybe it’s just the control setup you use. I’ve never played M2 with a keyboard, so I can’t tell if it’s the same for that.

super metroid is a great game. same for metroid 2, its a good game. theres finnaly your ship, more power-ups, etc. if you have the chance to get it, get it.:smiley:

samus jumps pretty high in m2 so it feels akward on the keyboard…

whats the best beam in m2?

ive tried those 3 just they all have pros and cons…except ice…ice sucks…why dont beams stack in this game?