It has begun...
A time when you can spray stuff at people to make them trust you.
Who thought having this on the market would be a good idea?

Hmm, probably not a good thing, that.

I’m hijacking this thread, and it’s now officially about free will.

Discuss how the latest chemical that can entirely change the choices you make affects your opinion on the matter. Other chemicals: every single chemical in your brain, including the hormones released when you are hungry (so people can change your mind by starving you) and the hormones related to sleep (brainwashing, or elimination of free will, is popularly accomplished through lack of sleep), all illicit drugs, including tobacco and alcohol, some portion of medical drugs on the market (though they’re mostly placebos, which, while they do influence your actions in many many ways, don’t very obviously change anything but choices related to pills and/or your health, so might be excused from this list), many things in the food we eat, water we drink, and air we breathe (can influence your mood, and thus your choices, either through direct chemical changes in the brain, or if there’s dust in the air, cockroaches in your food, etc.). I guess I’ve moved away from chemicals, so we can deal with purely physical things that modify your supposedly free will: Color of your surroundings, nostalgic photographs, sounds, etc., location, posture, condition of your body, state of your family, world events, knowledge or absence of, religion, sense of danger (which is a set of hormones, but in healthy people who aren’t being injected with any chemicals is caused by physical aspects of their surroundings), time of day, and upcoming events (though I don’t think anyone knows how we know what will happen… kinda a weird concept if you think about it. Possibly much more chemical than physical.).

To sum up: If I had control of your surroundings, then I would have 100% control over each of your actions.

So, does free will still exist?

PS Yes, you do have to believe in free will to believe in Adam and Eve, glad you caught the reference.

Oh, frickin’ great.
It looks like the damned drug is gonna be approved anyway…
At the very least, they need to dumb down the dosage a little, or people will be going from anti-social to just plain dumb about their social life. The subjects of that test got backstabbed half the time, and they still continued trusting the others with their money.
I also sincerely hope that this drug stays purely clinical, and doesn’t get used for…
anything that couldn’t be counted as clinical.

Sorry, Tim, I would throw in my two cents worth, but I gotta be at work about eight minutes ago.

Dude, I don’t think you can hijack your own topic two posts in :stuck_out_tongue:

My four pence is that it’s a really bad idea, because it undermines… well, everything about our society, but especially voting. Candidate A releases chemicals into the water, followed by very strong advertising campaign. Candidate B, who plays fair, loses by a landslide.
Think on.

=/ hopefully that’s expensive enough to discourage any attempts of that sort of tactic.
And it’s also dangerous, assuming an overdose of this stuff isn’t good for your health.

…not to mention the slight flaw in that logic. Assuming candidate B was campaigning at the same time, it would work to his advantage as well.

(I think it’s perfectly plausible to hijack a train as it’s leaving the station. Actually, that could make it easier to hijack, because it has not yet picked up speed, and everyone is preoccupied with getting the train moving.)

You guys are so awesome, you rock. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I just did some research. Ohhh yeeeah.

It’s not as bad as it sounds. See what Wikipedia so wonderfully says: :smiley:

WHOO, this is great. I love this topic!

As this article mentions, yay, it could be a new date rape drug. That’d be if you suddenly have someone shove something up your nose or give you an injection while you’re dancing, incredible. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Speaking of dancing, I need to go dance wildly in front of a chorophobic or Nigel Lythgoe. I have so much confidence!

And its half-life is only three minutes, wooooot, so therefore judging by my decaying graph of a function I solved out then if you get a whopping 700ml dose (7/10ths of this bottle in your blood), after 30 minutes there’ll only be 0.68359375ml left in you’re system, so that’s like OMG 99.9990234375% of it gone after only 30 minutes sweeeeet!!!

Yeah, this is so great. We need to do this more often. Here, have some of my money! Best 30 minutes of my entire-

What the hell just happened to Troid?

Anyway, the point is that it’s an easy way to influence people’s decisions/actions, not that it’s actually feasibly usable as a taking over the world agent. It makes for an effective chemical warfare tool, if used in combination with leaflet drops. It allows you to extort information in a slightly unfair manner if you’re using it on criminal suspects. And don’t mistakenly think that it’s very hard to inject something into someone and/or get them to inhale some quantity of a chemical in a regular household situation. Sure, it might not be very effective in small doses, and it might not be too easy to administer to a person, but the fact remains that it’s easily comparable to a weak form of mind control.

…That was similar to the response I would expect from a drunken… something. For whatever reason, “Chicken” seems to replace the “something” in that sentance quite nicely.
I agree with Tim in his “wtf” reaction. I also agree that it could be used to control people, and possibly admit to things they didn’t do in police interrogations… hopefully not, but meh <_<

(Seriously, Troid, that confused the hell out of me. It seems like you were using extreme sarcasm to mock us, but then I re-read it, and it seemed like you were just joking around…
And then I read it again, and I wondered if you were actually my retired biology teacher <_<)

Calm down Troid :O_O: . Don’t get all who-ha about this drug, but I think its a bad idea to make someone you don’t like trust you.

I think troid was high when he wrote that.

Anyway, he did some research in his drug riddled state, so… yeah.

While it may not be very easy to use, neither were guns a while back, nor computers, cars, or anything else we use today.
It’ll only take time before it’s easy to use.

injects inside nose

Who here wants to partay?

Yeah, sure.