its 2:45 am

why are YOU awake?

It’s a Friday night and I don’t have work until late tomorrow.
I wish I had gone to see a movie with my friends earlier instead of taking a nap.

Because I just watched “Independence Day” on TBS. Good movie. A nice way to waste time.

Cause sleep is for bitches.

I’ve got a bunch of females on my mind, and I keep meaning to open FL Studio and see if I can try out a few ideas I had recently.

The fuck?

lol, i left after posting this

went to bed at 5

It’s Five hundred and thirty hours and I need to sleep.

Heh, 10:00 PM (Twenty-two hundred hours) where I am. West coast of America FTW!

guten morgen bitches

I’m awake because I"m waiting for youtube to freaking finish uploading. It’s been going for an hour and shows no signs of stopping… Is there a way to check progress?

~Who can take a sunriiiise?
~Sprinkle it with deeew-
~Cover it with chocolate and a miracle or twooo-
~The Candymaaaan! HEY!
~The Candyman can!

(No really, I’ve been singing that song for a couple days now…)

hey yeil

thats my jam, man

doesn’t it show a progress bar? -.-

No. Why they don’t have one is beyond any of us.

it had one for me when i uploaded a video…

Every time I get close to asleep, I have a nightmare and have to wake up because it’s so unpleasant. Today’s not my day :neutral_face:

You’ll have to elaborate if you desire a pseudo-Freudian analysis™.

Windwaker grappling hook jaws with googly eyes chanting “justified, justified, you can not be justified” in a high pitched nasal whine.

Seriously? >_>

sounds like youre a closet homosexual that longs for a spanking