Ive been wondering

Whats up with the left half of the box, the RED PHAZON tentacles covering half of Phaaze??

Ever since I saw Phaaze back in the 2005 trailer, I assumed that it would have a red phazon core or something, as Red phazon is the more potent variant found in Metroid primes impact crater. Metroid prime’s meteor was on Tallon V for longer than any of the meteors in MP3, so I always assumed that Red phazon would appear at the center as the infection got worse.

Anyway, when I saw this back when the boxart came out, I assumed the final boss area would be composed of red phazon, as it seems to be the more sinister side of phazon (as implied by the boxart).

But no, instead, there was NO red phazon in the game, no even on Phaaze as implied in the boxart.

Do you think this was due to time constraints or something?? It seems like they were planning to make it make sense, but didn’t have time or something. Phaaze seems like they were planning to make it a little longer if you ask me.


I would agree about their lack of time: I’m sure you’ve all felt the ending of MP3 was rushed and somewhat insubstantial. With more development time, I guess it could have explained. I was truly disappointed by the end, it was just so short-lived- especially with that “corruption” level being so high that you couln’t play normally… It seemed like it was put in hurriedly.

Yeah, the corruption level thing made it a little TOO desperate. Somehow it didnt have the effect it should have. I would’ve prefered a boss that just does absurd amounts of damage instead of having to rush and kill a lame boss like Aurora.

Speaking of that, the Aurora unit was really a bad idea, as it didn’t feel anything like motherbrain in a any way.

And Omega Ridley sucked because he was nothing like Kraid.

So what if they’re completely different bosses? THEY SHOULD BE NOSTALGIC >:O

Also, there -was- red phazon. Check out the Pirate Commander and Red Phaazoid scans.

But there was definetly nothing nostalgic about it. And yes, Omega ridley should have been much more like Kraid. : )

There was, but they didn’t explain ANYTHING about it, except that it’s more hardy than normal phazon, which we pretty much already knew.

The end to Metroid Prime 3 was lacking pretty bad, and it’s a shame considering this was supposed to be the epic end to the Prime trilogy. I personally liked Phaaze’s environment, but it was so short and thanks to that “JLV Style Timer”, we couldn’t explore the area or anything. Dark Samus was no threat at all, and then when you expect something massive, you get this pathetic looking Brain attached to a stick. I mean, the damn thing could hardly defend itself for crying out loud. Then when you kill it’s first form, you think they would have pulled a SM when a huge freaking monster appears. No. The stick blows up and now you have to fight a - prepare yourself - flying brain. My god it was even EASIER than the first form it had… No escape sequence with the epic Samus theme playing and the planet began to collapse within itself, just a cut-scene with captain DickHat and his merry crew of tight-wearing morons saying some unimportant bull like, “The Phazon Crisis is Over!1”. and I almost forgot, Samus gives you a big thumbs up. Not the ending any of us would have wanted, but okay. Dark Samus is dead, Phazon has been destroyed, I guess this ties it all up.

Wrong again. Credits are rolling, and what’s this, my well deserved ending cut-scene! Traditional Zero-Suit Samus shot and her ship flying away. Understandable. This is the end of th- Wait, what’s this? A blueish ship is following Samus, who could it be?! We don’t know. The End. Game Over.

Great way to end off the last Prime game, leave us fans with a rushed conclusion and a freaking cliffhanger. Why would you end the last of a series with a cliffhanger? sigh

Whatever, I’m going to go cool off…

Uh…maybe to show a continuation into another series? Maybe to show you they’re not done making 3D games?

And furthermore, I don’t know why Metroid Prime 3 is always getting bashed on. It was a good game. I understand that it’s not the best, and it obviously had some defects, but bitching about how they could’ve done this or fixed that or made this boss better isn’t going to fix it.

As for the red phazon, I simply considered it to be an anomaly withing the Impact Crater. Some inner mutation in the physical properties of that that Leviathan’s seed. You can write it off as that, but even then, as Daz said, MP3 does have some reference to it. The big thing that led me to the mutation conclusion was that the scan of the Red Phaazoid says that the Red ones are because of a rare genetic mutation.

Metroid Prime 3 does deserve some criticism for what it did wrong, but rushing a final battle sequence is nothing compared to some things you find in some games. I’m more pissed at Retro for trying to tie up any secret worlds rather than rushing a final battle sequence. To be honest, I kinda liked the rushed feeling. It made it feel to me as if Samus actually had more purpose to destroying phazon than just following orders. It felt as if she was fighting for her survival, a feeling that’s lost too often in the FPS genre.

ya retro said that mp3 was the last of the prime series,well Metroid Prime is dead so the end of the prime series not the end of retro made Metroid FPS/FPA games.
so all we can hope for is that retro makes a nother metroid game.
and acctuly I’d really like to see a classic metroid game.

Rumor is Retro’s making a Zelda game right now.

Is that really Phaaze on the box? I always thought it was the Phazon-corrupted Pirate Homeworld on the left, and what it would look like without Phazon on the right. The blue part looks a lot like an ocean on Earth. Of course, it would make a lot more sense for that to be Phaaze, but… I guess Pirates are cool, too.

I also think MP3 was rushed, but there isn’t much Retro could do about it. It had to be out in Metroid’s 20th anniversary month.

The music could have been better, though.

Mp3’s music was a huge disappointment for me.
hell, the whole game was.

Samus thumbs uped me at the end, and I lost ALL respect for the game.

The lack of isolation and short game time were disappointments to me. It took me 20+ hours to beat MP1 and MP2 the first go around and only 10 hours to beat MP3.

I won’t hide it, when I beat MP3, I wanted to cry. I was like: Okay, now what the hell am I supposed to do >_>

yeah, after playing 1 & 2, 3 was rather dissapointing
1 rocked
2 blew my mind
3… not so much

they could have done WAY better

I read the post before, but apparently it didn’t click. PY, Samus gives the thumbs up in a few games, including Super Metroid…

It was not such a… “ugh” thumbs up.

Also she has a “mission complete” button.

…I wish I had a mission complete button…

Get a staples easy button, scrape off the ‘easy’, and write “mission complete.”

“mission complete”
“that was easy”


Zurg is now promoted


When me and my friend completed MP3 at his place i was thinking the same thing.
i also expected Dark Samus to become metroid prime again :confused: which would have been an awesome way to end the prime series.

indeed, super-omega-metroid prime with death