I've got that funny feelin'


Everything is not alright.


Can I help?

Yes. You can bring Cynical Timaster back. I miss him. :frowning:

My life is working hard at that currently, actually. But fuck it, I say! My life’s my own bitch. I shan’t let it harden my heart.

I was reading a HEllishly old thread the other day, and Timmeh was Timmaster. WFT???

Yeh. That was Tim’s name for… well forever almost. xD

Even I remember the time when he was timmaster.

Funny, I don’t. I do remember being Timaster for a bit though.

EVIL Timaster 0_o o_0
hmm…interesting…I got a thought and I’m making a topic bout’ it
And for me…
Well everything’s okay… I wish a certain somebody would start talking to me again even though we were just friend’s she barely talks to me now that she has a boyfriend. He’s kinda scummy too. But…he makes her happy, so I’m okay with it. As long as she’s happy and safe, then I’m okay.

Tim totally just burned you, Syntax.

Am I the only one that got that?

I remember when you were called Timaster, Tim.

I was a n00b back then.

Then again, I still am. :stuck_out_tongue:

I caught it swan. :smiley:


lmao well said. I am angry today so I would definitely beat the shit out of him…however I didn’t even go today…so much for class trip :frowning:

Thank God. I thought I was the only one with cognitive abilities. :stuck_out_tongue: