So I am getting a car soon (by getting I mean, well I’ll explain it outside the parentheses)- My dad will pay a minimum of $2500 for whatever car I get. For however much it will cost above that, he will pay for half of that. So if I get a car that’s $5000, he pays $3750 and I pay $1250. The only problem is I don’t have that kind of money.

So I came to ask you, how can I get enough money to pay for this (it probably won’t actually be $5000)? I’m thinking about trying to work at a local Academy over the summer, and maybe do some tennis at whatever country club, but I wanted to see if anyone had anything that could help me. I would only be working over summer.

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As a real answer, any moderate paying summer job will stack up funds pretty fast, so you should be fine.

I can attest, I made something like $1400 a couple of summers ago, granted wages tend to be a little higher here than down south due to the weaker currency, but still, get a good job and you ought to be fine.

Well, legit jobs make you go through complicated procedures and pay taxes and stuff. Seeing as you wouldn’t want to support the man, I’d recommend mowing laws and refereeing. I got $350 in one season, under-5. Little children, who can’t run faster than you can walk.

You’re thinking of adulthood.