Just a little somethin' you gotta see

Super Smash Bros. Brawl!!!
Check out this movie!!!

I don’t get what was actually happening, but, I like the new characters.

Especially Zero Suit Samus <3 That was a real surprise for me. But if all of that was done with the actual game graphics, I’m impressed.

The graphics aren’t that good… <_<

Maybe a little over Xbox graphics.

Haven’t you heard, the Wii isn’t SUPPOSED to be an improvement in graphics?

It’s in every conference, every page, and I thought every fan’s mind. It’s not a step forward, it’s a LEAP forward, without the step. Not much graphics improvement, and a huge gameplay improvement,

While I’m posting, I might as well announce: I’m disappointed that it’s not a laucnh title =( And it’s not confirmed online =(

On the other hand, it’ll ROCK SOCKS.

What, do I have messed up eyes or something? I don’t remember X-Box graphics being close to that…Neh, that’s not the point anyway.

Also, it will be one of the biggest mistakes ever if Brawl does not have online play. It’s the first time I’ve ever said it, and I’m only saying it because Super Smash Bros. just asks for it…

get flamethrower, remembers rules, grits teeth, sets flamethrower down

(how the game came to be)

“…focus on making the game Wi-Fi compatible…”


and on the dojo site it is said that they have not even begun to spit-shine the graphics so don’t start about the graphics

and if you didnt know the game will use a stardard gamecube (or similar wii device) instead in the wiimote-which i think is a good choice for this genre of game.

Well sorrrrry, I only went there for the video. How was I supposed to know that site actually had information on it? >_>

Because it’s called Super Smash Bros. Dojo, every fan should know of it.
And I seriously cannot wait for Snake.

Well, I’m not the same species of fan as you are, I suppose.

Also, nobody can forget the oncoming wrath of the Nintendogs!

That’ll be a really fun item to use XP (assuming they keep it)

They’re probably just an item, like Mr. Saturn.

I wonder how they got Snake in there? Maybe they were willing to spend the money which the MG Executives gladly obliged to. Hmm, what kind of moves do you think he has? CQC?

<_< cough

People…read around

Someone who I think was affilited with Konami

wanted Snake to be in SSBM but the game was too far in development to put him in.

This time though they arranged it early on (something about begging Nintendo director of SSBB to have Snake in the game)

plus third party character may make it into the game before its released (probably why it was delayed)

read the interviews in IGN,Gamespot,etc.

I hope Colette becomes a character somehow! <3

Who is that? (i know someones gona flame me)

She’s my favourite character from Tales of Symphonia!

Kratos is da bomb. >___>

Colette is just meh.

Kratos is boring. But we’re going off-track now, I shouldn’t have even brought it up >_>;

Did I not call that the new SSB wouldn’t use the pointer motion sensitivity thinger? But people said ‘nooo, it’s on the revo, they gotta use the pointer…’

Anyway… My current favorite aspects of this game from greatest to least:

  1. Online (I can kick my friends asses even when they’re not at my house!!
  2. Pit. Despite the stupid name, he looks cool.
  3. ZM suit Samus. Hell yes.
  4. Wario’s special attack.
  5. currently non-existant.

I want it noooooowwwww!!! Assuming they don’t completely change Link’s moves, I’ll be set for ass-kickin’ right off the bat.
And yes, I realize that they added some moves. Due to that, they probably got rid of some…
But hey, if it’s the price to pay for next-gen SSB awesomeness, I pay it… um… I guess I just pay it.

It’s not off track, we’re discussing character’s that might be put in the game. :slight_smile:

But, I guess it’s just wishful thinking. v_v