Just like Green Brinstar

Do any of you know the alternative of Super Metroid Brinstar in a jungle on a movie? Please tell me because my Mom doesn’t know. Could The Ruins, a horror movie, be it?



Do any of you guys know what movie had an underground forest, kinda like brinstar?

i think. that’s how i read it.

That was my gut feel on it, but then he brought up his mum and I got horribly confused. >_>


ib4 no women on interwebz, etc.

Also, oops. I knew that, but I forgot. >_>

Have you seen the Ruins movie? If so, dose it have an underground jungle in it?

Uh, I would assume that since it’s called “The Ruins,” that it will most likely be some sort of ruins out in the middle of the Amazon jungle. So underground jungle=unlikely.

I don’t think underground jungles are a popular theme except in video games.

I never saw the ruins, and I dont recall anything with an underground jungle save for an Episode of Yugioh. >_>

Does journey to the center of the Earth have an underground jungle in that movie?

I think they just find a weird lake, get scared, and leave.

Well, if it’s going to be anything remotely like the book, they travel across the weird lake, find an ancient civilization, which they get into a fight with for some reason, and they escape with one of the people from that ancient civilization, and they live happily ever after…

Of course, I may have fallen asleep while reading the book, dreamt the rest of it, and thought that was the book…

I saw The Ruins n July 8 2008 and it DOSE have a underground jungle. But it is more like the Chozo Ruins than Brinstar. If you get offended by gory stuff, you don’t want to watch The Ruins. I, however, loved it.

Chozo Ruins AKA the Chozo Ruins from Metroid Prime on Game Cube.

I think he was confused about your peculiar writing style, not the meaning of your post.

Are you trying to find real world and movie environments similar to the Chozo Ruins and Brinstar?

Movie, yes. Real life, no. By the way, Journey to the center of the Earth 2D is in theaters now.