what do you think?

The outline sticks out really a lot. It doesn’t look right to me.
Other than that, really nice job, I like everything else.

so you think I should soften the outline a bit?

yeah, ouline softer.
and there’s 1 other thing, kirby is round not oval.
So you might want to make her more like a circle.
Doens’t mater whitch perspective you use, a circle stays a circle from all directions :wink:

looks like the eyes, mouth, etc are good in place.

Nice work! :sunglasses:

Kirby isn’t a circle. Kirby is a sphere.
Spheres stay the same shape from all directions.
Circles don’t.

ughh… dammit, that’s the second time that happens to me >_>
circles are flat.
I DID mean sphere, not a circle… omg I suck xD

I’m pretty good at making others suck. Yah might wana get used to it. xD

Well, technically kirby as a sprite is a circle. >_>

True…but Kirby itself isn’t. Which is what we were talking about.

and this is turning into a pointless discussion…

Not at all.
It’s actually a really serious thing whether or not something is a circle or sphere :astonished:

But anyw00t, hows your pixel art comming allong?

Also, I’m fairly sure Kirby is a he.
The show referred to him as one, and I think it said “he” in the smash bros profile thing, but… not sure about that. I’ll check later.

yeah could be… but it’s pink… xD
i’m not sure, but you had this event on smash melee, where you had to fight a "girl team"
featuring: samus, zelda, peach… and I think there was kirby… but not sure about that.

It’s a he.

Spheres look the same from all direction to beings in 3 spacial dimensions. Circles look the same from all directions to beings in 2 spacial dimensions. A sphere will always look like a circle of constant diameter from the same space. A circle will always look like a line segment of constant length from the same plane.