Knighty's P2D demo


Left/Right - Move Samus Left/Right
X - Jump
Z - Shoot, Charge, Morph Ball Bombs
Down - Morphball/Crouch
Up - Unmorph/Crouch
C - Aim Diagonal (Press down to aim diagonally down)

Page up/Page Down = Ball trails toggle
Home/End = Jump trails toggle
Insert/Delete = Shot trails ,the thing that makes you change colour when shooting


…Why can I no longer pin topics?

Well, you were inactive for 6 months or so, so I de-modded you. Metroid072 is the new mod.

oh…ok that sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey knight, found a funny glitch in your demo. If you infinite bomb jump up to the ceiling of the dead PQ room, and unmorph when you get up there, you get stuck in the ceiling as shown:

You can get out of it however if you go back into the morphball.

Yeah that’s because I forgot to add protection against unmorphing when there are objects above =p It’s not something I can’t fix :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, your BG’s are already outdated. >_>

And why did you go back to ZM sprites? :stuck_out_tongue:

Because, no offence to MH, I just don’t like his sprites much for Samus…I hope that isn’t taken the wrong way if he reads this >_< And I just love the ZM sprites :stuck_out_tongue: But soem proper comments on the engine would be nice 072 =p

Not much too say, other than what has already been said. Seems good, althought it could use the actual sprites, BG(s) and tile map. Which has notrhing to do with the engine. <_<

Pros: Good engine. This engine can
be used to make a very good game. :smiley:

-it was really boring. :sweat:
-with there only being like 2 sound effects, it gets really annoying…
-cant think of any more at the moment and thats bad.

Strange comments…boring?Lolwtf?!? It’s an engine XD

And sound effects…um I haven’t added them all…so there

Knight, that demo is very glitched up. You can jump over some of the door tubes, and fall through to the bottom of the screen. You sometimes even poof into the next room. Don’t get me started on the environment. >_>

I get a little sick of replies like this M072…it;s why I left the team.

Yes I know you can jump over the doors, but that isn’t related to the engine. How did you fall through the floor? Explain please.

And this ISNT an environment demo.

Which is why I didn’t say anything. Because I have a LOT to say.

And why wouldn’t it have anything to do with the engine? It’s a glitch in it, isn’t it? I fell through the floor when I jumped over the door.

…and you left the team because people gave you bad comments? I thought it was because you were banned. >_>

If this isn’t an environment demo, why don’t just put it in an empty room?

Look Knight33, you have tallent at making these games.
Just because there are a few glitches in your engine
doesnt meen you have to quit the P2D team and all that.
There are a LOT of people that would die to be in your position.

Uh you get me wrong. The reason I left was people reporting gitches again and again that are identical…the reason i left was over the whole frigate cutscene incident…=/

And M072, i asked, how did you fall through the floor.

Oh, I can tell you knight. I did the same thing just now. In the dead PQ room, instead of shooting the door on the left, just basically jump over the door, and you’ll fall down the other side of it and end up being underneath the entire room. A secret world, if you will :wink:

Let me try to get a good screenshot of it for ya. I’ll edit this post when I do.

EDIT: here’s the best pic that I could get to show what’s going on:

Also found out something else when getting the pic. If you jump low enough so that by the time you’re on the other side of the door and you are touching the door tunnel, you’ll load up the previous room without actually going through the door tunnel.

Lol you just jumped over the door which isn’t solid. That’s all. I just havent placed a couple of solid blocks there.

Could you explain the second error a little better please.

Well, it’s basically the same thing as the first one. All you have to do is jump low enough to be touching the door tunnel by the time you go off the screen. It’ll cause the previous room to load up instead of you falling off the map. Not really sure how I can explain it much better than that.

I just tried it, the controls are sweet it makes the game seem like how 2D Metriods where back in the days. Oh I do miss super long jumps, Infinite Bomb Jumps. Although the new Samus sprite, if worked a bit more like Idle animations it’d look great IMO