Daz, we don’t want anyone else to be banned. We want to work on this project. You do too. You may not say it, but the fact that your here, means that you want this thing to come to fruition. Also, isn’t it like were a bickering family?

P2D is where I go to every im I go on the computer cuz I wanna see if theres any updates. Which hasnt been for almost 2 damn years. Everyone come back, this forum needs to live. This is about the life of the project itself now, so everyone just stop. I want everyone to come back, pitch in, and help finish this project.

lol, family

wait that makes sense <_<

but seriously
your koolaid
calm it


p2d is in no danger, even if all of you are banned. Members have come and gone for the last 5 years.

yeah hes right, P2D died a long time ago :confused:

Put it this way. You ban us, the project doesn’t die, it moves. We will work on it, just elsewhere. And you won’t be invited.

Wasn’t Dazzy like 16 when this project started? (thats probably wrong >_> ) Anyway, Members have come and gone. But for the past while all they have done is gone. Except for me. I was on here a few years ago, and then when the projects home page got downsized, I forgot my password. There were some cool WIP screens of the Phazon mines, Magmoor, Chozo Ruins, you get it. With a little (or a lot) more work, we can make this happen. We just have to stop trying to slit each others throats. Well, Dinner calls (I’m 15 XD ) so I gotta run. Be back…

i wish my dinner called, im having pieorgies… piago… pei…
whipped potatoes and cheese is a pasta thingy

also, zurg… wut?

Fuck off. It’s our project. We own most of the resources. And we have the programmer.

But he’s invited. :stuck_out_tongue:

Guys, stop. Really, this is chaotic.

i dont know if i should laugh or O.o

whats the url for that sig, i need to change mine but am too lazy to upload it myself

You know what? Screw it. C yall.

right click-copy image URL

thats not on my right clicky thing

Im usin Google Chrome >_>

Good luck with your project, Zurg.

As much as my sides hurt from this terrible soap opera episode, I know that somewhere, far away, PY is laughing harder. Good stuff.

This topic was meant to stop all this, not fuel the fire…or get Zurg banned. This is ridiculous. We should all be banned for being off topic the entire time.