Know what I hate?

I hate the facked you barely see samus not in her suit.
well only for onr part but for many7 years I thought samus is a robot or something random it really annoys me! :whack:

Go play Brawl or Zero Mission, problem solved.

Many years? How long did it take you to beat any of the Metroid games?

He rarely plays metroid.
7 years.
And finally, I believe that she is a cyborg-type thing.

You know what I hate? People who make useless topics.

Wait, Archius brought TWO friends?

Oh dear god.

Somebody fix this before it gets too out of hand.

If it’s so useless, then why post in it?

Just let it fall to the bottom of the stack. This board doesn’t have “sage.”

There aren’t enough people posting for this to sink.

Zurg does have a point, I suppose.

That said, be nice to the new guys. :stuck_out_tongue:
We all had to learn the ropes at some point.

I didn’t bring any.
For some reason, they liked p2d, despite them both hating metroid.
One made one account, the other made two. I told them both not to. Especially Shiver, who knows his original username and password.

This is not a chat room. Stop treating it like one.

This goes mainly to Shiver, whose idea of a topic seems to be “hey, I had a random thought!” but applies to many of the responders as well.