Lack of community?

Hey, don’t be so negative, p2d is still alive and well.

The egine I’m making now could support the game way past the space frigate.
Some things are just extremely hard to program in gamemaker, thanks to the lack of a good debugger. V3.0 will be ready in a few weeks, so then we’ll be at the same point again as 2.6, but with much better fututre prospects.

Once the final demo is released, I plan to advertise the hell out of it, but for now I’d like to keep the game at a low profile, it’s easier to work that way.

So have some patiente, we’re almost there :wink:

HP, what would you know? You weren’t a team member until today, and all actual game work goes on in the team-only forum. :stuck_out_tongue: There could be all sorts of progress you don’t know about.

Well, there’s been a bit, anyway… Most activity it’s seen in a while… :3

What? HP part of the team…and not me?

Yeah, so it’s not like I can do anything for the next couple weeks anyway so pffft.

Anyway, its most of the work occuring right now programming.

what? if you had made a couple sprites for the game like me you would probably be a team member… don’t be jealous >.>

Well, he did our old Alpha Pirate…

He did the alpha pirate? I’m working on things for p2d like the powerbomb exspansion is located in The Sprites List. P2d is not dead I don’t think so maybe people are not so much committed, like they just do one thing and their done.

Alpha pirate?!? wtf? wotw just wtf. Also there has been lots of activity…espcially compared to the apperant lack thereof at retro :smiley:

Don’t get all out of whack, jees :O_O: I didn’t know about the alpha pirate. And other things how in the world am I to know how far? how much? work they have done so far.

Okay I seriously cant find the post button…
What was I thinking ?! I accidentally reported someone thinking it was the post button for some reason. Anyways, this is embarrassing. Sorry Mods !

"Assuming the report is the ‘post’ button…

Yeah this is soo not as big as SCU was…
But hopefully…in time, it can get close.

(Im I-phazon by the way)

Hello people !"

Hi, I-phazon.

You click the “add reply” button to add a reply. I know, who would have thought?

Oooo… I see.
Thanks !

(feels :E )

Holy ‘dunno if we can curse’ !!!
:metroid: :metroid: :metroid:

Sooo cool