Lasse Gjertsen!

You may or may not have seen his “Hyperactive”:

You probably haven’t seen the sequel, but it’s also amazing:

And while we’re here, watch

Haha… I’ve actually seen the first two. But not the last one… it’s interesting.

That’s nothing.

Check THIS out: Swedish Beatbox Superstar

He kind of sucks, actually.
Here’s the guy he’s mimicking:
EDIT: this guy is much better as well.

He’s just fucking with you. You have know swedish to know what he REALLY says.
The thing is that he wanted people to upload it to youtube just to mess with everyone that doesn’t understand swedish. And it worked.

It was the uploader that did the subs and he just changed it to what the comedian wanted everybody to think he was saying.

He was the pause entertainment in the swedish Eurovisionsslagerfestivalen.
It is the swedish name for the contest that every european country have before the Eurvision Song contest.

He is really a comedian, and we were all surprised when he started that shit in Live-TV.
And no, his english is not good.
But we don’t speak english like that in Sweden.
We have a sexier accent. <-- found in Lasse Gjertsen’s favorites.

Also, why did you post something that you have to know Swedish to get?

Just to mess with you.
We can’t have a norwegian that can do cooler things than swedes.
That would be like a canadian being cooler than an american. If one were american off course.

That is why I posted the movie of the slightly retarded comedian.