Let's pretend we don't exist.

Had any weird dreams lately? Do tell.

I’ve been sick this past week and I’ve had the most bizarre dreams.

In one of them I was with my friend trying to escape a horde of zombies. We climbed up onto this building and grabbed two barrage balloons and tied them together, then used them to fly away, but one of the zombies grabbed onto the balloon and was about to get us, I shot the balloon we were dangling on to and the zombie floated away on the other. We crashed into a broken up old fortress and meet a father and daughter taking potshots at an oncoming horde. They assure us the base is safe, but abandoned.
Then I wake up.

The most recent dream I can remember having is:

I was wearing white pants, wading up-hill through and against a downhill stream/brook, or a shallow part of a river. I remember thinking “Why the crap did I wear my white pants?!” That went on for about 30 seconds, and the dream ended. xD

I was…uh… >.<
kayaking down the road in front of my neighborhood.


Well…let’s see.

My entire dream consists of that scene in fight club where he shoots himself in the cheek, and then Tyler falls to the ground with a hole in the back of his head. Except my friend is the main character (the real Tyler) and I’m Tyler.

Every damn night for the last week…

So I was naked in a tub of cheese wiz…
LOL. That did happen, but details will not be permitted. Lets see, uhhh…
I was playing my drums, and my pants got stuck on the kick pedal, so I bent down to fix that, and my bass drum talked to me. It said “STOP HITTING MEE!!!” I ignored it and kept playing, and my foot got stuck again, this time I bent down, and it yelled at me so loud, my ear drums exploded. So I took it to my garage, and got my drill, and started to drill a hole in it. It told me to look up, and then I was submerged in water, and drowned to death.

Also, our band’s INSTRUMENTS went on tour, made millions, then shot us to death.

And my cat turned into cheese.

UTA that is amazingly fucked up any you win the syntax medal of the day congradulatoyations

i dreamed that i was…on second thought you don’t wanna know

Or do we? O.o

trust me…you don’t

but another less fucked dream was when i couldn’t move…it felt weird

Bleacher trucks.

Yes, I mean the things you sit on in a gym combined with a truck.

I was with everyone (except my mom, who was at the food store) in my living room watching TV, and my brother-in-law somehow transformed into a frog shaped as a humanoid, with a crown. He got up and went into the bathroom. Nobody notices anything though, as they sit still continuing to stare at the TV. He enters the bathroom, and throws up his heart, which looks like a heart, except it’s green and has numbers on it. He comes back and sits down, I get up and enter the bathroom. I sit down to take a pooper, and I pick up the heart laying on the floor, and the timer reaches zero. There is an explosion in my bathroom. I died. However, I see my body lying on the ground in pieces. (supposedly I was a ghost, I don’t even know) I pick up my head and look at my deranged face. I hear my mom walk in the door. Me, excited, runs to my front door still holding my head. My mom says “Hey bud!” I say “Look mom! I’m dead!” she says “Wow honey!”
-The End

Moral of the story. Nobody cares about mutated frog people, and my mom likes my head.

XD Awesome. It starts raining at a baseball game, the players hop on the bleacher trucks and everyone gets driven to an indoor field to continue. I’m not interested in sports, but that seems like it’d be neat, and really funny to just see a bunch of people on bleachers getting driven around a city. xD

lol rundas xD

We were all sitting there on said bleachers when it just started rolling backwards. I look behind us, and the whole thing is sitting on the back of the semi, and no one else seems to notice. The truck starts driving down this frickin’ crazy highway with a cliff on both sides going very very fast, and then suddenly stops in front of a large building.
And THEN everyone starts screaming.

i’ve had some crazy dreams but the problem is i forget them as soon as i wake up… i remember they’re crazy though.

Lolll Cloud XD that is awesome. Bet it was a rush xDD. Or as much of a rush as a dream can be, without waking you up.

@Pom: That happens to me all the time, as well xP.

I could re-hash some older dreams I have written in a text file. Yay or nay?

Do eet.

At school, in a classroom I went up to the teacher and asked her something about doing makeup work. This is not a school that I’ve ever been to. So, she said that I needed to talk to either a counselor or higher-up person in the school. This person, I found, was just shortly down a strange white-brick (like typical schools walls) hallway. at the end of the hallway, a dead end. To the left was a small space where a male receptionist sat. I looked at him, and he looked at me and seemed suspicious to me for some reason. Then, to my right was the woman I seeked for this makeup work or whatever. Shortly into talking to her, I took my coat off and laid it on a nearby chair. Her desk came up higher than my belly button. After a while of talking to her, I figured out what I needed to and began to walk away, satsfied, when someone yelled/screamed something and I realized that I had NO pants or boxers on, but still my socks, shoes, and shirt. I then cupped my hands over my crotch to hide it and slumped over to try to hide it more as I RAN toward my coat. This coat was, I guess, my trenchcoat because it covered up my crotch well, but for some reason in the dream it registered as my other black coat. I then told them that they had nothing to worry about after putting it on, and that I was well-covered. I said something like “I knew I couldn’t trust that receptionist guy!” He was familiar, and I think for some reason he was the guy in the car that chased mine from the last dream. He had apparently stolen (off my body!) somehow my pants and boxers while I was talking to the higher-up person, and I did NOT notice it at all, but yes, he was now gone. I asked them if there was something they could do, and at some point in the conversation jumped up above the desk so they could see my bare legs again, pointing out that I was pantless. Eventually, somehow, I got home (but with no justice done) and thought “I can just change into some of the new boxers that I got for Christmas.” Which I did get for Christmas, but when I had the dream, Christmas hadn’t come yet. The dream ended soon after.

More to come. xP

thats uhh…bizarre to say the least

damn receptionist!

Hahah yeah. Sneaky guy. >_> Here’s another. Not quite as crazy, but still pretty strange. Pardon the references to my locale (such as Crown Center).

I was at either Crown Center, the school, or someplace like it, where I found an indoor Sheridans. The place almost seemed like a mall from an older dream of mine, but I can’t remember. It had a low ceiling and weird carpet, and the Sheridans was on a corner to my right as I entered a more open space than the hall I’d been walking down. Anyways, I thought “Ooh, I could really go for some Sheridan’s right now, but what would I get? Something with caramel in it…” And so eventually I decided, and I told the short-ish and I think black girl at the counter “I’ll take a concrete with oreo, cookie dough, hot fudge (I think this was in there), and caramel (I’m not sure about this one either)” and then I ended by saying “And can I get just a liiittle bit of sprite in it?” She nodded, and sort of rolled her eyes and I thought " What the crap was that about?" Right afterwards, a guy came up to her and whispered to her, and I thought I heard them say “Destroy you” and was confused. He left her and, after waiting a bit for my drink/ice cream, she gave me a half-full cup of something that resembled mostly sprite with a tiiiny bit of ice cream in it. I went “Waiiit, wait wait; did you think I said ‘Or else I’ll destroy you.’?!” And she said yeah, and I said “Nooo, I asked if I could get just a tiiny bit of sprite in it as well! I’m sorry.” She laughed, sounding relieved, and went back to make my order right. Strangely enough, this time during my wait, every single light was suddenly off except for a halogen at the very back of Sheridans, and I was the only one waiting for anything from there, but all of the workers were still there. So, from my perspective, I was just a sillhouette while I waited. I eventually got my order back, and this time in a 3/4 full cup and presumedly the right thing. I thanked her and the dream ended soon after. Why I would want that icecream combination, I have NO idea.

Still more to come, if you want 'em. Yeah, a writing forum would be good xD. I do have a very, very strange one in the queue.