Life's Story

On November 4, 1994, I was born as Nicholas Ian Clinkscales at 1:00 in the afternoon. My mom says I was fairly easy to deliver (compared to my brother) and that after pulling me out, the doctor delivering me said “What a chunk!”

We lived on the corner of Briar Hollow Dr. in Austin, Texas. Our cousins, aunt, and uncle lived on the same street, but there was a river seperating the two sides.

[Family Members]
Cathy: Aunt
Walter: Uncle
Rachel: Cousin
Sarah: Cousin

We had a female German Shephard named Bonnie. She liked to wrestle with me and pounce on my back, which was slightly painful.
The first Christmas present I remember getting was a red Game Boy Pocket with Pokemon Red Version. I was mesmerized by how I could move people by pressing buttons, and the fights were the most fun thing I had ever done.

Our family was typical; dysfunctional, with a dad coming home from work at dinner time and a mom changing diapers.

[Random Memory]
Our chairs had bars in the back, and I got my arm stuck inbetween them.

My dad had HUGE glasses (about 2 inch lenses) and not very much hair. He worked as a CPA at Price-Waterhouse and made a decent amount of money, bringing us to the upper-middle-class of the community. We didn’t go to church and rarely went on vacation.

My grandmother lived in an apartment about 15 minutes from our house.

[Family Member]
Ruth: Grandmother

Whenever we visited her, she would have a bowl of candy-cherries that my brother and I would eat. When she came to our house, she would always pitch plastic baseballs to me and I would try to hit them over the fence, even though my parents got really annoyed having to go get them back.

Aside from playing Pokemon (and Super Mario Land 2 at this point in time), we would watch the animated Inspector Gadget show. I developed the habit to eat a bowl of Goldfish while watching it.

[Random Memory]
It was coming on so I asked my mom if we had any Goldfish. She said no.

We also watched Blues Clues and Barney.

After finishing this stage of my life, I shall rest my fingers and edit this when I get a chance.

Sheesh, a bit nostalgic?
Your last name is awesome though.

I’d write about my life, but eh…

my life story…

i was born
i got older
i went to school
i met my best friend
we got picked on till 8th grade
we went to different schools for a year
then i switched
2 and a half years of hell
dropped out cuz of a slut
got my GED
and now i sit on my mum’s computer as i wait for impending college

Nostalgic? Nostalgic would be the biggest understatement I have ever been exposed to in my time on this earth. I’ve remembered more about myself than I ever have before, and writing this post for this topic on the P2D forum has given me a new look on myself and my life
insert 5 hours of ranting

… Thanks, by the way. It is awesome.

o.O; Ehh… I don’t really feel like sharing so many unnecessary details about myself >.>.

However I do remember Super Mario Land 2 :smiley: I played that when I was little as well, hah. I also remember hating it at times…

One of the earliest computer games I can remember playing is Chip’s Challenge… And I didn’t even know the name of it until this year, haha.

Wooo! Chips Challenge!
Great game.

Thus far: I play games, play music, listen to music, go to school, dabble in etc.
After college: Play games, make games/animate/program/something, play music, listen to music, dabble in etc.

You were BORN as Nick? You mean, you came out with all the right documentation in your own hands?

17 years of age and I’ve yet to have any female action in my life.

Dragon, what do you define as “action…?” <_<
If you mean sex, congratulations, you didn’t become a sex-crazed man-whore like 90% of all other highschool males.

Eh, I’ve got you beat by about two years. xP

i have you both beat

im 18 and have seen much action
ive even been a part of the majority of it xD

and yes, all female

hurray for girlfriends that ended up being whores!
not really though
i’d rather have NOT dated them
or gone near them <___<

Eh, I didn’t mean that kind of beat --;. I meant that I’m two years older than him, and have yet to experience “female action.” >.> Whatever that’s supposed to really mean.

wut? personal info on t3h intarwebs? THIS IS MADNESS!

Madness? THIS IS…


Yeah, guess you’re right.

Regarding female action, I have had some (age appropiate) action, then broke up, but we’re still friends.

And PY, I was not holding my birth certificate when I came out, but my parents already picked out my name.

Lastly, Dragon, I feel sorry for you.

You feel sorry for Dragon?
But saber…

Never mind.

Hahahah, that’s alright. I don’t want anyone’s pity. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol I’m right between Dragon and Saber.
17.9 and no female relationships.
Hell, I had never talked to a girl until 7 months ago. >_>


Lol, right then.

You people are strange <_<